Tuesday, October 18, 2005

the world is still uncertain
with the dark cloud and dirty wind
with the uneasy crater and restless wave
unexplored surprises and unresolved mysteries
the world is still uncertain

the rocky land has rocked a lot
the speed wind has winded up lives
the hungry ocean has eaten up bodies
im scared.. awaiting the next best calamity

2.30 today afternoon.

Clear skies faded away
and the dark guys come in..
heavy rain like never before..
they touch and pierce the skin

2.30 looked as dark as 7.30
"peyyena peyyum mazhai !!"..

im safe in the office
watching a guy, polythene bag on his head
thats his rain cover..he is all wet already
he is running on the road, he runs for his daily bread.

there's another honda on road a new green accord
2 cute little girls, watching the fast rain in their windows
along with the rain, they see this guy, with a dirty cover.
he looks funny to them.

i go back to work... with the only worry..
i wish my bike starts with one kick.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice Keerthi, nicely said about the different things that go on around us. Nice observation.

The green Honda Accord and the girls inside, the guy with a plastic bag around and you worried about your bike.!!! wow.!!

So finally, did your bike start.? Did you have to wear a Rain Coat.

Lavanya said...

Good one.True so many different calamities are happening in the recent days.I didnt get to see neither the two girls in honda nor the guy with the plastic cover but i enjoyed seeing the swaying trees, dark clouds and splashing rain from my seat thru my floor windows.

keerthi said...

Thank you Venkittu sir.. your appreciations keep me going.. :)

lavanya, :)

ammani said...

Very nice. Very honest. Look forward to more from you.

keerthi said...

:).. thanks ammani. Ellam unga inspiration dhaan.

Prabu Karthik said...

gud one keerthi.

3 monsoons back. the last time it rained like this yr in the same singara chennai, i saw one guy in rain with a plastic kudam.

maybe he was going for drinking water lorry. but the irony did strike me.
yr post reminded me of that.

gud one dude. keep it ocming