Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yesterday = Oh No !!

How Brutal ? How mighty Brutal ?

No Power . No UPS Back Up . No News paper. No shops.
No Network in my mobile. No batteries for the walkman.

How am I expected to kill one day ?

Simply watched out of the window, the rising levels of water and occasional Umbrella's with all hidden bodies. Yesterday's rain at chennai was something I havent seen for years. Non-stop and severe. And the wind in the evening was awesome.

Many people were thinking "Mazhai podhumpa !!". Surplus is something we are not capable of handling.

Thankfully today morning, normal clouds and sun-shine smiled up. Water levels have reduced. Few Petrol Bunks closed. Few trees fallen.

Otherwise, chennai is back after a YUK holiday.


prasanna said...

Thats great news.. I was about to call people back home to get some news on this skybreak..

Ram.C said...

hope you would have enjoyed the holiday without any disturbances thru the net and phone.. :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Keerthi, IMHO, we need rains..but with breaks like this.!!

Krithiga said...

Surplus is something that we are not capable of handling! This year, everything we got was in surplus. Scorching sun till mid september and soaring mercury in the summer. Now it's time for rain to lash out. But lashing rain followed by a brief period of sunshine is good indeed. So that the water can drain and the clothes can dry :)

Chakra Sampath said...

Good to note that everything is okay now.

keerthi said...

prasanna, where are you in chennai ?

ram.C, enjoyed !! yes. i was thinking about that word, the whole day.

venkittu sir, aamam sir. Shoe pochchu.. vera vaanganum

krithika, everything surplus.. yes. except Ganguly's runs.

chakra, nanganallur paravaillayam. no stagnation it seems. My aththai informed.

donthecat said...

I reached Mambalam station at 5 am by Nellai Exp that morning and waded thru waist-deep water to reach 5 Lights and then got a Million Dollar Auto :-) to Virugams. There was no power and it kept pouring crazy thru the day.I went to sleep apprehensive about the state Chennai would be in the next day.

I had to go to Egmore at 11am the next day with my 4 year old son to pick up some crackers. I was again worried about the waterlogging, the falen trees. But, to my plesant surprise, the water had been pumped-out / drained, the trees had been removed, all traffic signals worked and Chennai was back to normal. Except for some stretches of bad roads.

Guess, kudos to JJ's admin standards.

keerthi said...

don, exactly. we have to appreciate the way the corporation workers worked on thursday, to make our fridays a better one.

karthik said...

any photos for us NRIs?