Friday, November 25, 2005

Avyukta Chips

Just apply Two Filters on Photoshop CS2 and you will get this effect.
But when I showed my mom, she said "Ennada.. Kannellam asingamaa.."


Today, at work, we are compensating for the day that was declared a Holiday due to Rains. Looks like today will again be a holiday, because of the rain. Ha ha he haae heeeeh haaa ..yahooo !


If you hadnt heard "Pibare Raamarasam" from Morning Raaga, I recommend you listen to it very soon. Early morning. Rain outside. Cold Inside. A little noisy Silence.A Shrill voice. Heavens. You need to hear it.


Dont blame it on the Politicians. I saw people who own 2 FLoor buildings, rushing to get the relief measures. They are rich guys, yet run to get the relief, despite the fact that they did not suffer.

On a different Tone, Adengappa Prabhu said people where rushing into CompUSA like hell to get the best deals on the Black Friday sale.

People are People everywhere.


Jeevan said...

Nice photo, i also have try this effect.

Ungaluku daily rain varanum pola.:)

you r right, all people who are not affected by rain, also went to collect relife money, thas why the people who are affected dint get relief.

Krithiga said...

"Pibaree" is brilliant. "Samaja vara gamana" was playing non-stop yesterday in my PC. Have you seen Morning Raga? The situation of the song(s) - so natural, blends wonderfully with the story. No artificial dance sequences. Plain and down to earth.