Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Brammandam !!

Grand and Shankar are totally synonymous words. May be because "Grand" always doesnt impress.

But I bet, everyone of us like this photograph. The Idea and Execution was perfect.

"Adi manasa Aruvaa Munayil Narukkuraye !!"


Vijay said...

Give it a thought -

Vinesh said...

Good shot there buddy! :-)
Shankar really goes out of the ordinary to picturise his songs!!

sen said...

yeah great shot.. looking at this again how did they get in there??.Did they drop them from a crane or some one was covered the way after they got in there..??

Jeevan said...

another name for Shanker is Bramandam (grand), very grand stil.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I loved watching Mudhalvan...I should say..I love it.!! I have the DVD and every time I see it I enjoy it.!! Azhagana Rakshashiye is a masterpiece and all those clay pots are amazing.!! Manisha Koirala was superb.!!

What a movie.!!!