Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cast A Post

You will certainly love it, if you dont want a paid AudioBlog.

Here's my AudioBlog.

Apart from holding a separate blog, you could also post on your Existing Blog, like this.



Ranganathan St. said...

good find keerthi. does this offer uploading? any size limits? (signups are down right now. adhaan ketten)

BTW more than that song, I love that singer Bhupinder's voice. I blogged about a song Kaise Kahoon few days back. Shall send the song across, really good one. shall 'castpost' once I signup :)


Prabu Karthik said...

super find raasa

keerthi said...

Narayanan, yes it does. But limited to 100 MB. And thanks for sending the song...

pk, adengappa. aalaye kanome ?

Krithiga said...

Super! Excellent find.

Prasad said...

Thanks! Exactly what i was looking for! I have started using it too..