Monday, November 21, 2005

Detour - The Cool Hunter

This is some site I've been long waiting for... Wierd and "What the Heck" Gadgets all featured on this site.

The First Image is a Roll out WALL. You just take it with you (easily foldable) and you can make a wall around you, just about anywhere. :)

The second one is a Cable/Wire Winder You can wind up the loosely hanging wires around these creature toys..

The third one is a Cable Identifier.. You can wind up cables with this, and write over it to identify the cable's purpose.

There are much much more on the website.. different gadgets and products that are just not-ordinary.

Visit the website, here. The Cool Hunter.

PS -
  • Whats with this ? Im getting more forwards on Krishnamurthi (seems to be a philosopher)..
  • I've added back the Google Adsesnse, with just Images banners ads. Looks good... (you know what to do)

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Jeevan said...

Very useful post. :)