Thursday, November 03, 2005

Endru Mudiyum indha Mega Serial Mogham !

I understand there are a lot of mixed opinions about Mega-Serials. To me, it really doesnt matter. But it really is one concerning issue. It eats up maximum of a woman's day. A perspective will look like, home-citizens will have their share of entertainment. Nothing wrong. But too much of crying and "Dhraabai" dialogues and many others scandle the quality of the people themselves.

But my way of handling things - "keep it untouched". It will evolve by itself. I think it is meaningless to worry about something, when you cant do anything about it. Just wait for it to change. It has to , and it will.

Please excuse my Blah Blah !! I've had a bad day yesterday. Let me zoom to the point. "Malargal" - yet another Mega Serial on Sun TV.

One lucky day, when i was early back home.. i heard the Title Song of the "Malargal". It was a good rythm. Songs for Mega Serials have reached new heights. I guess "Chiththi" broke the Ice - The huge Elephant entering the Srirangam Rajagopuram, when Nithyashree is on "Uchchasthayi" - Wow.

The Malargal Title Song is good in the Folk Aspect, and a beautiful voice. My mom and dad certified that the serial is also equally good, and relly different. Of course, it had the usual "Kanneers and Kambalais", whats a Mega-serial without that.

So, I ran a search for the title song, and found this. "Malargal on Yahoo Groups". This group amazingly has transcripts of everyday's episode. (ada ada ada !!). Unusual for me to find Fan clubs of a Tamil Mega Serial on the net. Phew !!

Looks like this serial is here to Rock.

BTW, if you havent listened to the Title Song yet, try doing it. Worth a hear.


Prabu Karthik said...

mothathile nethikku leave pottutu "Malargal" parthiya?

idhile CMM level madhiri assessment vera...

and regarding change...
no evolution has taken place without conscious voluntary human effort.

if u dont fight/assert/voice what u believe in.. then life is not worthwhile.

ellarum perfect illa. but i think we shud try to act what we beieve in. illena speak what we believe in..

seri seri cafeteria la edhavadhu vaangi kudu (apt from lunch and tea)

Krithiga said...

Yahoo group for a mega serial, this is certainly news! English sitcoms like Friends and the rest have such groups. But this is certainly something I've not heard of.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Malargal song is just awesome - it has the best song nowdays..but reminds me of some old IR song! I like their dance and the dancers too - check out the dancer who comes in a blue saree - quite pretty ;)

Jeevan said...

Mega serialuk our Yahoo group pa!!

keerthi said...

pk, nethu leavea ?? yaaru sonnadhu ? ungaloda naan approm sandai podaren. :) Bayangara velaippa.

krithika, looks like they have fan cluns for even more serials.

arjuna, vaanga anna vaanga.. appdiya ?? blue sareee.. miss pannittene !! monday parpom !

jeevan, aamammpa aamam !

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Umm...kadavule indha nilai endru maarumoh.!!!

Yahoo Groups vera.!! Umm.

Another reason not to go home early.!! I guess.!!

I'll let you know about the song.!

zoe007 said...

Hi there,

heard the title track of 'Malargal' and wanted to get some more infor thru the net and was doing a search on google and your blogsite came up... the song is fantastic... i was very impressed with the song, singer and music director(whom i am still trying to find)