Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Hangman - Not a Game this time.

Do not read this if you are very kind-hearted and flimsy to emotions.

Well, Ive warned you enough. Go further at your own risk. I am going to Cut and paste an article that I read on a web-site that spoiled my day. It gave me the effect of watching a Virumandi Movie.

The News is this. An Australian Guy has been given death sentence in Singapore. Singapore will not give exceptions just because of Australia. So, the Australian Magazine has come out with the interview of the Executioner who will Execute the Australian.

In a very bizzare interview, Darshan Singh the Singaporean Executioner says that he charges $400 for each kill. To him its a plain and simple Profession(!).

He has retired from his Job. Yet he is called by the Singaporean Govt. to execute people. His career Chart shows 850 people executed by him.

To mark his 500th hanging four years ago, four of his former colleagues turned up at his home to celebrate the event with a couple of bottles of Chivas Regal.

He Says "Death has always come instantaneously and painlessly. In that split second, at precisely 6am, it's all over."

When his colleague asked him why he had stayed so long in such a gruesome job, he replied: "It's all I know. It has become my bread and butter."

The last lines he says to the convict, before pulling the lever is
""I am going to send you to a better place than this. God bless you."

Think about this guys. I reminded of Virumandi here. The movie opens up with the lines
"Death Penalty is a form of Judicially Sanctioned Murder"

It has been on high debates. A hot issue, no matter who takes it. Killing life of a murderer is not yet justified. I remember watching Live on BBC, a convict executed by Lethal Injection (few years before). Cruel.

Here's a excerpt from this Link.

Under Indian law, the death penalty can be imposed for murder, gang robbery with murder, abetting the suicide of a child or insane person, waging war against the state, abetting mutiny by a member of the armed forces.

In recent years, special courts have also extended the penalty to cases of terrorism under anti-terror legislation. And some people are pushing for it to be used against rapists.There are currently 1,700 people on death row, according to a study by People's Union for Democratic Rights.The Union Home Ministry has no official figures for the number of executions in post-independent India. But estimates put the figure at over 1,500.

Punishment by death is never a solution to a crime. Practically guys, the Idea is to bring fear on minds. But no one's scared. Why then should Capital Punishment be retained ?

What is Your Voice On it ?

PS - Read the Full Articles here and Here. Please Do read. News Through BoingBoing

What ? But I warned you already !!


Adaengappa !! said...

An official Killer !!

Adaengappa !! said...


...Executioners doing their duty...

Jacky said...

There can't be a universal code of law for this. Literacy rates play an important role in molding the citizens. In Indian Villages where literacy rates are low and feud is an act of pride, letting someone live in Jail for a murder will only remove the fear. Many would actually view it as no-pain!
A lot of people aren't scared is quite true but revoking DP will turn them into legions! Teach the kids emotional intelligence in School officially at all levels to have a better society!

Jeevan said...

government appointed a man to kill!! i think our country is better than them.

Bala (Karthik) said...

What does punishment aim to acheive - revenge or reform?

keerthi said...

prabhu, The Official Yama Dharma Raj.

jacky, Kadaisiya sonnengale.. adhu point. Though it may sound crazy, the society depends on how a child is educated and parented. I bet more on parenting. Simple word..

jeevan, our country has many men like this Jeevan.

bala, super question ! Sounds more like revenge.. but the idea should have been to reform.. its just another Idea that got a Detour.

Prabu Karthik said...

keerthi, this "reform vs revenge" view is too much simplificatin. the issue is much more complicated than that.
mothama apdi sollida mudiyadu...
there r some deserve to be killed. period.

Another thought...
I dont think a prison is a place where people actually get reformed by any stretch of imagination

Me too said...

I am not for it but I've read that even life imprisonment doesn't mean 'rest of the life in jail'. There are cases where the lifer gets reduced and they are let free. BTW, have you watched the movie "12 Angry Men"?

keerthi said...

pk, nyaayam dhaan.i know there is no straight equation for punishment.

aparna, there are cases where people are killed. Arent they ? BTW, 12 Angry men DVD anuppungo !! paarthu solren ;)

Ranganathan St. said...

do you think people like this deserve to live?