Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ketta Naal Mudhal

Kanda Naal Mudhal

What kind of movie is this ?? Looks to me as if 3 people ditching each other. The Movie hasnt overdone the hype. So, it is as silent as it can be before the release. Wish it makes noise after release.

Priya - who's been with Maniratnam directs this movie. Prakashraj is the producer (I really appreciate him for his experiments).

PC Sriram has our eyes. Yuvan Shankar Raja has our Ears. (He already has mine..)

Talk of songs in the movie. Boy, it was released looong back. Seems to be some problems releasing the movie (like Thavamai Thavam Irundhu..)..

6 Songs. Cant expect all of them to be good. No Music Listener will expect all the songs in a movie to be good. Do you know why ? Anyways, 3 songs are just too good in the movie. YSR Rocks.

Kanda Naal Mudhal, is sung by Subhiksha and Pooja. Its a carnatic based song. I wouldnt say it is a perfect one. But i keep hearing this repeatedly. "Ennamo Pannudhu !!" on hearing this song. The way the song starts might irritate a few people. Carnatic music lovers will hate for a simple reason that every Music director adds a fast beat to a carnatic song, and calles it a Novel song.. but the Raagam of the song is thrilling, and got high peaks.. Dont try to sing it in front of people. They might think you are hitting your last breath. Must Hear.

Merke Merke, is a sure hit. Already all the ears in my office have surrendered to this song.Shankar Mahadevan and Sadhana Sargam would have enjoyed singing this plain and simple rythm. This song wins for simplicity. Cool song.. Lyrics are worth a listen.. You are sure to humm the humm (this one features the trailer, i believe).

Panithuli Panithuli, (why do songs always start like this.. "rukumani rukumani","humma humma","oorvasi oorvasi", "oruvan oruvan","ey.. shabba ey.. shabba"... and the list is endless... why o why ?) is a beautiful song, and that I realized very late. KayKay, Shreya Ghoshal and Thanvi have voiced this song. YSR shows his intelligence in music (Thiramaiya kaamichuttar) through this song. In a song, if the instruments support the voices, instead of being independant and showing off, the song is already a good one. This is such a song, with underplayed instruments. "Pesumbodhe Pesumbothe Mounamaanom" appdinnu Uchchasthayiyil paadum bodhu, we melt.

Erimalai Naane, Shankar Mahadevan and Vasundhara Das. This is yet another song, that will remind you of some song or the other. It is in the hands of time, that this song will become a hit. Otherwise, it is just an effortless song..

Other 2 songs, Koo Koovena and Pushing it are just another songs in their genre. Pushing it is YSR's Englipees paattu where he sings in unknown english lines... im getting to hate this kind. Thevai illaye Mr. YSR.

On the whole 3.5/6 have passed. So, this is set with good music. If the movie is getting in the right time, and has a promising story... Prakashraj will win in his efforts. Im placing my bets on this movie. You ?

Anju vechcha Paththu.. Paththu vechcha Irubadhu... vaa naina vaa.


Prabu Karthik said...

Me too liked panithuli and merke though that has a MJ hangover IMO.

PC doing cinematography for a film after ages i guess.

Nee solra bet namba office Pulkha dhaaney? naan varlai..

Anand Prabhu said...

hi keerthi. dropped here from PK's blog.. I just posted a post on KNM..:)

good coincedence... my fav is Koo Koovena and panithuli..

you have got a nice blog...

I hope this movie make good noise as the previous movie "Azhagiya Theeye" of Prakash raj made..

Ranganathan St. said...

Merke Merke is my pick of the lot too, used to run on repeat mode when I heard it first.

'Pani Thuli' is really good, the prelude was the only irritating factor of the song, one even more related song to this would be 'Kuyilukku Koo Koo' in 'Friends'.

edho oru blog'a padichu thappi thavari Erimalai Naane ketten, thaanga mudiyale, aaargh thalavali dhaan micham. adha kettutu matha paatellam kekkanum'ne thonale freeya vitten.

In general'e I don't feel like hearing YSR a lot apart from some of his one-hit wonders.


Docs Dope said...

oye Madrasi...moonche katwa le warna biwi Punjabiyon se chudti rahengi...hahaha....teri shakal itni gandi hai...go earn some money and get soem surgery done...or atleast remove your pic from this site...tum Maddu saale sab dikhte hi ghinone ho...kaale monncho waale rakhsas...rand ki aulaad saale

Jeevan said...

Nice review of songs, i like to hear that songs after reading u r blog. i thinks the storyy will be different, Prakashraj will select a good story.

Chakra Sampath said...

i have a biiiiiiiiiiiig backlog to clear when it comes to songs.. After CM/Anniyan, i haven't listened to any of the new songs in the last 5-6 mths.

keerthi said...

pk, Phulka illappa.. Gandhi nottu.. salavai nottu.. :).. and yes.. Long time after Vaanam Vasappadum, he's back to the screen.

anand, thanks. I pray, experiments like these are a success.

narayanan, YSR may not be long-lasting like this. Yet, compared to Devisriprasad and other MDs, this guy is far better.

jeevan, i think the story is interesting.. Intution dhaan. :D

chakra, Anniyanukkappuram neengal kekka vendiyadhu 2 songs from Majaa and Kanda Naal Mudhal.. vera onnum sollra madhiri illa.

Ranganathan St. said...

Devi Sri Prasad ellam oru music director'a :P avan paatu ellame Kannammapettai effect'a dhaan irukku.


Shiv Shankar said...

I like Most of Songs in this movie..again a great yuvan performance .

Pani thuli ..merke merke ..are my favs.