Friday, November 11, 2005

Kushbu - under arrest

5.30 AM news says Kushbu will be arrested any moment now. (probably arrested, when you are reading this)

She has been issued a non-bailable warrant.

Now dont agitate for this. Understand Kushbu's current arrest warrant is for "Not appearing in the court" and not for whatever she spoke.

Would Kushbu have, when at the top of her career, imagined that something or any thing of this flavour could ever happen in her life.

She couldnt have even guessed this, when she spoke to the media about the "pre-marital sex".

She would not be treated like a normal criminal. She would easily come out in bail, after the non-bail period is over.

YET, something tells me all that whats happening to Kushbu is cheap stunts. There is empty arguements about her talk. People talk just for the sake of opposing her, or to create a scene.

Makes me think, in Shobha Warrior style, Please apply for US Visa if you want to talk freely. India is closed for any opinions.


prasanna said...

I second you. Its all petty politics.

Prabu Karthik said...

the last i heard suhashini has been dragged into this for supporting kushboo.

and has been criticised by even some actresses...

vazhga thamizh kalachaaram

ada-paavi!!!! said...

there are two issues here, lets not get confused btwn em,

first is the defamation case which has been filed, i am totally against this case, the case shudnt have been admitted in the firs case. she has an opinion, its her person rite to have whatever opinion, and its a prt of her rite to have freedom of speech,

second is the arrest warrant, this has been issued in connection with the case but its actually because kushboo failed to appear in court on 14th, now this is contempt of court and any1 who fails to turn up to court is issued an arrest warrant, which i think is just and fair enough

what she shud have done is turned up in court and argued and had the case thrown out (which is a real possiblity) one hearing wud have done the trick, by now turning up she has indirectly mocked the indian legal system

Anonymous said...

couldn't she have been spared of all of this by appearing in court in the first place?? free speech in us is also limited. the issue may not be kalachaaram, it may be 9/11 and patriotism. the grass is always greener on the other pasture.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Shame..Shame.!! And we have a women CM. I hope she will step in and stop all this nonsense.!

I think Suhasini is right.!!

sai thilak said...

" .....Warrior style, Please apply for US Visa if you want to talk freely. India is closed for any opinions....." --- Some TN politicains are closed for any opinion not India.

What she said has been distorted by The SUN Tv group and presented to the viewers . Shame on them. Shame on ppl who dagged her to court.

WA said...

Why didn't she appear at court when ordered to do so, that to me sounds pretty silly. As to the Tamizh Kalachaaram, I am saving my breath

keerthi said...

prasanna, petty and filthy politics.

pk, looks like the issue takes a turn. Read latest JV.

vatsan, I agree, she should have respected the court. She cant behave like that politician who will have heart attacks on the court days.

iyengarKatz, Do you really think so. I thought America is open to opinions.. If Madonna says 2% of what she says there, in India.. i cant imagine what could happen to her, considering the situations Kushbu is currently in.

venkittu sir, Women CM is in Dielemma. To help, or not to help !!

saithilak, if TN Politicians take it to court and close our opiniating mouth.. that means the country is !

uma, 7.5 sani.. Kushbukku time sari illa. By the way, you never spoke about Tamil Kalachaaram.. do you mean to say, tamil kalaachaaram is something that is not worth talking.. Hey YOU.. You have defamed the tamil kalaachaaram. Im filing a case against you. UKlerndhu Trichy District court vandhuttu ponga !!

Anonymous said...


The very reason why Kushbu hasn't appeared in court, is to keep the opposition against her, get into prison and turn it into a sympathy wave. Go around every corner and ask for justice from people!!!

Wow. what a nice way to enter politics in TN!!

iyengarkatz said...


of course i know so. if madonna had said abortion is a women's birth right and says in my opinion it is better to abort an unwanted child than carry it, i bet the christian right would have hounded her to hell!!

peta hounds ppl for wearing fur which is also a personal choice of expression. they entered j-lo's dressing room to harass her.

the issues may be different, but the mentality of the different groups of human beings is similar all over the world.

the people who hounded kushboo could have their own reasons for doing so and from our perspective they could fall into the category of narrow mindedness, but then again, it is not our position to judge them when we are fighting against them judging kushboo. the question is only why kushboo did not appear in court??

somehow her supporters have made it seem she is getting arrested because of what she said and are trying to put down the whole of tamil nadu for their supposed narrow mindedness. and now she will become a martyr for people like shobha warrier and this show will go on.


ps - my name is not there anywhere, how did you guess it was me?

Shiv Shankar said...

wanted to blog abt this topic...i am totally with what kushbu said ..

its not the old logic that " when ever people get marraied god blesses them with kids " Indians need to open up their mind abt sex !! but on the contrary they shud have a safe one ..what an irony

iyengarkatz said...

shiv shankar,

it is now that i found out what exactly kushboo said:

"Kushboo begins her article with the observation that women in Chennai, who so far had been behind those in Bangalore in the matter of expressing their sexual desires, were now overcoming sex-related mental blocks. She, however, says that this openness also raises the question whether this is a healthy trend in a largely orthodox Indian society. She says that parents, if not teachers, should teach the basics of sex to children. Expressing herself against "changing boyfriends every week", she says that sex is not just about the body, but also the mind. She says that if the girl is convinced of the firmness of her relationship with her boyfriend, she can go out with him with her parents' permission. She suggests that parents can permit this if the girl and the boy are "serious" in their relationship.

She writes: "Our society should liberate itself from the ideas such as the one that women should have their virginity intact when getting married. No educated man will expect the woman he marries to be a virgin." She has also a word of caution to women who go in for pre-marital sex: "Guard against conceiving and contracting AIDS."

it is a very dignified thing to state that sex education is important in today's world to help dispel myths and for youngsters to protect themselves against diseases.

it is another thing to state that abstinence is not worth it and if you think you might be serious about your lover, you can go ahead and have sex and parents should bless them in that endeavour.

i agree with the former, not the latter. she deserves all she gets for the latter because it is trying to make it seem that pre-marital sex is okay. i am sure parents having daughters do not feel it is okay. she should know where to draw a line between stating a legitimate opinion and a controversial one.


keerthi said...

anonymous, you think good. What you say is a possibility.

iyengar, (ps - i know you :) Kushboo not appearing in the court is a BIG mistake she did to herself.. Or.. look at the anon comment, just before yours. Looks like a reason.

shivshankar, oh ! that logic is ruled out ?? im still thinking it works that way ;)

keerthi said...

iyengar, from what i read in your comment, i think kushbu should have "Moodittu Poyirukkanum". It is not necessary to show the public, how forward you think.

hey, listen.. You and I think Pre-marital sex is not OK. But we cannot say Kushbu that. We heard what she had to say, but how to tell her what we think about her verdict. I think we are voice less. But those people in Trichy have said their words.. i think thats great. Now im getting altogether a different view of this .. dont you think.

iyengarkatz said...


who are the people in trichy?? what is that all about??


ps - as a single bachelor, i was okay with pre-marital sex since i knew that that such things do happen even in conservative india. but looking forward to maybe 20 years from now, despite my education, i will be against pre-marital sex! ;-)

Prabu Karthik said...

hey keerthi,

i read somewhere that she( kushboo) had submitted a petition which wuld absolve her from appearing in all the courts in the tamilkalachaaram saving Tamil Nadu.
i dont know the status of that. and now comes this arrest warrant

Calling it "contempt of court" per se without going into the context is bascially ridiculous.

Pray, tell me where were these courts when corrupt politicans and their adipodigal wanted every line of the FIR (or somerhing similiar) to be translated to their mother tongue blah blah. Everyone knew it was a blatant measure to delay proceedings and erase whatever little evidence that was available.

the judiciary would do nothing. those who wanted that are in power now.

treating that and kushboo's non-arrival to a court as equal sounds unfair to me.

Some people think, talking about sex to children is fine. this again is their opinion. in reality how many parents do that? you never know.. even this attitude may even be construed as against tamil kalachaaram bcos traditionally that has never happened.

so its interesting to see that "whatever i agree with kushboo is legitmiate opinion" and "whatever i dont agree with is controversial"

nee solra "mooditu poiyurukanum" if its out of her welfare then thats fine. if we bloggers are not doing mooodufying on anything on any matter, why the hell do we expect someother person? bcos she is a woman ?

how many times have Kamal haasan voiced opinions like "naan apdi dhaan". where were these guardians of culture when kamal said that?
when he said he does not believe in the institution of marriage.
he has openly said he is having a relationship with gautami who has a kid from her prev(or present) marriage. where is that prescribed in the holy sacred texts of tamil kalachaaram?

so if kamal says its his opinion, if kushboo says its something reckless and controversial is it?

apprently its not necceasry that "mooditu poirukanaum" applies to kamal?

iyengarkatz said...

just when i was thinking where is the anti-kamal squad to use this to sully him, a post appeared here!!

the corrupt politicians and their henchmen could have escaped the clutches of the law, but that is not an excuse for other people to do so! you are to be judged by what you do and in this case, she is in contempt of the court.

why compare her to people who evade the law, why not compare her to those who don't. that is how one should be pushing for all to comply. is that not an easy excuse for us to discard all rules and law?? why should we pay taxes when so many avoid paying that? it is not about what others do. it is about what you should do.

as for statement trying to make it look people are partial to kamal: the statement he made was that he doesn't believe in the institution called marriage. he did not say that this is the 21st century and if a girl is serious about a guy, she can live-in together without having to get married and her parents should bless her to do so. and neither did he say that no educated person will accept the institution called marriage in these times.

the difference between what he said and what kushboo, whom you are supporting said is like night and day. he says and does what he alone wants to do. he doesn't suggest that you should follow suit. what kushboo stated was what she thought girls should do since these are the modern times.

sometimes it is necessary to read between the lines also.


WA said...

aahaa rombha nalla manasu Keerthi ungalakku, what I meant was that Thamizh Kalaachaaratha pathi pesuradhukku enakku thagudhi kidaayadhu, thats all.

I still have a lot of learning to do before I can talk about Tamizh kalaacharam. Watched a CD over the weekend, I think it was called best of Vidhya saagar or something like that. Adhula vara dance ellam paathu me still learning!!!! Kodumai!

Shiv Shankar said...

"i agree with the former, not the latter. she deserves all she gets for the latter because it is trying to make it seem that pre-marital sex is okay. i am sure parents having daughters do not feel it is okay. she should know where to draw a line between stating a legitimate opinion and a controversial one."

I feel Kids of this generation should be able to make their choices and not let parents take it for them .

Just becoz a famous actress said that having pre marital sex is okk ,if guys nd gals have it ..its thier problem .Every one has a right to express !!So does Kusboo .Is it right to show premarital sex in movies and wrong when some one speaks about it .

I stand by what kushboo says!!

keerthi said...

shiv, politically thinking.. everyone is allowed to give their opinions.

But i have a perception. Kushbu used media to talk to you and me.. SHe did realize she was not talking to the news reporter but talking to you and me.

She has shouted into your ears and said "No educated man would expect his wife to be a virgin". Fine. Thats her share of democracy. But you and I share a democracy. I feel the urge to talk back at Kushbu. Atleast 50 out of 50 lakh educated men would expect their wife to be a virgin. Please understand its not a want for fight.. but i feel dumb when i have to voice back against a celebrity.... This means Celebrities are entitled to say something/ anything that comes under the circle of so called FREE-SPEECH and we have freedom only to tolerate such things.

Anonymous said...

She has the right to convey what she felt as her opinion.That is freedom of speech.
If this is a big crime Romdoss must be hunged by the same court when he and his fellow party men brought down tens and thousands of trees and their barbaric act happening all this days.