Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Next Signal

Six months of LLR driving comes to an End tomorrow. Well, er.. if you are a Traffic Constable.. please refreain from reading further. We can talk after I got the papers. :)

I've planned to take license tomorrow. Im not sure if I can exhibit my 8 talent.. but I can show how to go from 0 to 70 in seconds, how to overtake a guy without disturbing him, how to have a conversation on the signal.. and so and so..(how to react when the Car in your front hasnt realized the signal change).

Most of everything, I like the Conversation part. I developed this strange habit of conversing to strangers, when Im at the signal. Thanks to the digital timers, you would very well know when your turn to Screw up the accelerator. SO, you can just turn to your left or right.. find a suitable guy (I havent spoken to girls) and try and begin a conversation.

Petty conversations, which dont even last long to end up telling names. Im enjoying this habit. It keeps me thinking about what the guy has said, till I reach the next signal. Will you believe, I got caught like this, speaking to a Traffic Constable. He was telling me his worries, when I was in almost deep-shit. The conversation started casually, as I was standing much closer to him. You should appreicate my boldness there. But had me asked for a License, whew !! Cant even imagine.

So, to put an end to it all... RTO office .. here I come. Wish me luck guys.. hmm

BTW, two-wheeler riders, why dont you start talking to someone in the next signal !!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

best luck, not wit 8 podrathu but wit lanjam matter, adukku luck thevai!!

Raju said...

Good luck, Keerthi.. Indian style-le 8 podungo.. (even 11 poda vendiyirukum)..

RTO office exp pathi ezhuthuna useful-a irukkum.. :)

thennavan said...

Keerthi, edhu venumnaa podunga aanaa Vivek style ezharai maaththiram pottudaadheenga :-)

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Will you believe, I got caught like this, speaking to a Traffic Constable. He was telling me his worries, when I was in almost deep-shit"
LOL :)
A few years back, i and my cousin were travelling in his TVS-50 when we were stopped by a PC in Gemini signal. That the number in the plates wasn't clearly visible was the issue... however, instead of paying annything, my cousin ended up explaining about his MCA project he was doing in the end.... Finally, the PC regretted his decision to ask about computers and "software" and was saying "seri seri, kelambungappa kathuvarattum".... :)