Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Q is Dead and Karuthu is born.

Two sites caught my attention today morning. One is

Launched by Writer Sujatha, this site is owned by Kanimozhi Karunanidhi (thats what I read in the news). This site is no better than a forum, where people are free to opine their thoughts. Well, it would have been a better Idea to have started a Blog. Nyways, Congratulations on the launch, and Good Luck on the forum. Let us see how far it can make an impact. (If someone from there is reading this, a suggestion to you. The Site throws many uncaught errors.. please handle them).

The Other Site.

Many of you would be already into this. But for those who arent yet aware of this service, this is the Sathyam Theatre way of telling "The Q is Dead". Similar to the "old and beautiful", this site shows the show timings and availablilty of "Elite"(?), "Premium" and "Economy" classes. You could book upto 10 tickets. You can also see the seat numbers. You will need a Credit Card to purchase. But there is no Delivery funda. You need to go to Sathyam and collect it, but you can do that at any time of the day. But i think this is a good service. (Rs. 5 Service charge per ticket). Its worth if you like movies and hate Queues.


Ranganathan St. said...

Regarding Karuthu(that is one of my nicknames kept by friends, and I demand royalty for it :D) there are quite a few forums like this already. Donno what new this one's going to do. Is this for some kind of data collection for some political purpose?

Regarding the online ticket booking, where do you collect the paper tickets for your online purchase? you still stand in the same queue, or is there a seperate counter for online purchases?

Haven't visited Chennai in a while. So juuuust curious :)


ARUN said...

Hi all,Sorry to post a comment not related to this post,
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So drop ur blog address at
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Shiv Shankar said...

hey is there a way we can get tshirts with the logo I luv madras ...

Kaps said...

the sathyam link doesn't work.

Karthi Chidambaram is also behind Karuththu

Anonymous said...

kaps, the link works fine. Nalla paarunga.. It asks for a certificate update.

keerthi said...

narayanan, where are you currently. I thought Ranganathan Street is in Chennai :)

arun, will do it. (but indibloggers already exist.. you could take the database from them.. it would be easy).

shiv, why dont you try and make a few t-shirts. we can buy them, if it can be made..i desparately need it on a XXL t-shirt.

kaps, the link works fine. the site might look like a Dot-Com Hosting site. :)

Krithiga said...

I get a Sathyam Cinema newsletter weekly too. Seems good. Haven't tried the book online option yet.

Jeevan said...

nice informations. i also read about Karuthu in newspaper.

keerthi said...

krithika, i know you've got a very good movie coming up to try out the sathyam cinema ? Hai na ?

jeevan, nandri.

Krithiga said...

Oh, yes very much. Planning to go on 19th, God permitting :) First day first show paaka mudiyadhu. Got an exam

Ranganathan St. said...

illapa..Ranganathan theru used to be my hangout :), am right now in a gramam called Morgantown in US of Berikka :P

andha Sathyam site'la oru vishayam dhaan seri illa. the credit card payment page is given a 120 second timeout, 5 minutes would be fine. 2 mins timeout ellam enna idea'voda vechaanga'nu theriyale. being a second generation of online ticket booking, could've come up with a basic level address verification like a postal code and phone number length verification.

BTW a tech question, does a secure site necessarily show a secure sign on the status bar? It is a https URL, adha note panninen.


sen said...

thanxs for the link to karuthu, i was looking for it and was not able to find it.

keerthi said...

narayanan, yes. In IE, it shows up on the status bar. In firefox, the URL background on the address ar, turns Yellow. HTTPSecure uses somethings like Secure Socket Layer - SSL.

senthil, thanks for the link on your blog. But did you like the forum.. or do you find any use for it ?

Ranganathan St. said...

yeah actually it did not for this site :P adhaan ketten. firefox'la try pannale. pannitu solren ;)