Thursday, November 17, 2005


(Thanks to PK for lending me the CD)

Boy, this is a wonderful movie. Makes us think there is a Manirathnam in Mumbai too. Ram Gopal Varma has directed the movie in Style. It will not be a too exciting movie for Tamil audience, as they have sen more blood and violence. Still, the portrays of life of two guys, Satya and Bikku who become friends, is something that will rest in minds for a long time (if you watched the movie).

Satya, (JD Chakravarthy - last seen on Kannathil Muththamittal) comes to Mumbai looking for a living. Circumstances make him join hands with the Underground Mobs, where he becomes a Pal to Bikku another Dada. Then there is Vidya (Urmila Madonkar) for Satya to get in love with. After that the movie runs till Bikku and Satya Die.

To me, after seeing movies of all Tamil heroes as Dadas, this movie is no good. Yet, there is something every director can learn from this movie. Screenplay.

You would expect a action movie like this to be very fast. Amazingly, this movie is paced at a steady speed. No hick-ups. Hindhi guys always tolerate this 3 hour movies. The Director takes his own time, (and our time too) to slowly recite the story with a lots of reality.

For instance, The commissioner who is pesturing the underworld walk out of his room. Then we hear a low-thud. People walk out and see their Commisioner is dead. No Music. No camera effects. Nothing. Your blood will run cold. The movie is got brilliance everywhere.

Specially the Music and Background Music. Sandeep Chowta and Vishal Bharadwaj are the music guys, and they have done a contemporary work. Infact i wanted to write this post for just mentioning the music.

Some unconventional music in this movie. The Background music is the power of the movie. Badhaloon Se is a song that break the convention and melt on ears. Im repeatedly hearing this. Im struggling to find out the voice behind it.

With Ram Gopal Varma, it looks to me from here as if, there is a lot of room (and money) for experimentation. As Lazygeek mentioned earlier on his post, we certainly need Ram Gopal Varma in Tamil, for these kind of experimentations.

I think we have enough directors. We only need producers.


Prabu Karthik said...

a few days back, my friend madhu talked abt a particular scene and the way it was conceived in "Sarkar". simply brilliant!
RGV rocks!

And its interesting that RGV too did not have any film-making mentorship nor courses :D

Bala (Karthik) said...

Unlike other movies dubbed into Tamil, Sathya was customized very well in Tamil. I first saw it in Rohini theatre in Tamil. Needless to say, it's no match for the original Hindi version.

prasanna said...

'Baadalon se' was sung by Bhupinder. nice lyrics on that song. Hope you havent seen Company yet. It is RGV another stunner.

keerthi said...

pk, Sarkar .. adhuvum paarkanum. Neenga dhaan periya manasu pannanum. RGV yum enna madhiri dhaana .. no previous film-making mentorship ... naanum avarum onnudhaan :)

bala, appdiya.. it was on tamil ? but then , the naturailty will not be there seeing a marathi guy talk tamil. I like Hey ram for that.. ;)

prasanna, thanks for the info.Illappa . innum paarkkale.. I have heard its a good movie. Thanks, i will find out if someone has it. (Mohanlalum varuvaar illaya, andha padathile ?)

tilotamma said...

My movie reco for you if you like Satya - Ab Thak Chappan