Monday, November 07, 2005

Sounding too much

Many people who saw Avyukta, liked it. (Avyukta - My Home PC). It was each for different reason.

The Black Look..
The most - Comfortable custom-made table...
The Keyboard (TVS Gold - Black)..

and most of all the Sound of Avyukta.

I've installed a Creative Sound Blaster Live! sound card on. It is powered with Creative 5.1 Surround Speakers. Now, thats a decent configuration to expect quality music from my PC.

Its not "too-much of sound". Its just quality sound. No "Iraichals"..
It enables you to hear the guy in the corner of the Music Troop using Cymbals. It brings out the PAN effect (left separate.. right separate.. rear separate) that coms along the music. On board sound cards have minimum capability, and the Speakers with it are just speaking instruments. No intelligence there. But a 5.1 Woofer will separate the digital tracks and split the output to different speakers depending on the music.

Here's me suggesting you a "worthy-spend". Creative Sound Blaster Live! (Adhavida bettera Audigy irukku.. but this will suffice) and Creative 5.1 Surround Speakers will together cost you appx Rs. 6500+.

WARNING: If you are in Chennai, there are a lot of Duplicate Creative products. Beware.

If you think, the ordinary Tape-recorder or Music System will be enough,...well, that will be good too. But I like it better on the computer.


Jeevan said...

I have a speaker it sounds like a cutting the wood, u have brought a good speaker.:)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

overa scene podatha, apporam varutha paduvai
gnayabagam vecchiko 'kannu padapovathu ayya, keerthi vaasanae'

keerthi said...

jeevan, thnks.

vatsan, kannellam padaathu.

thennavan said...

Keerthi imagine "Avyukta, Avyukta" as though you are hearing "Aahistha, Aahistha"