Sunday, November 06, 2005

Swades - Yeah Yeah.. Im very late to it

First things first.. Click on the picture.. You will see me in the picture, with a Handy Cam (:)

Swades - Ada namma oor Cheran padam madhiri irukke !! I had a chance finally, to watch this movie. Besides good direction, camera works and soft screenplay.. there was the Inevitable AR Rahman stealing the show.

Even the silence in the background was meaningful. And the non-silent parts sounded like "Pokkishams". The music that sings while the Title is played is something that still silks in my ears.

A word in my beautiful tamil - "Reengaaram" :)

I for this long was of the opinion "Hey Ram" had the best Re-Recording and Background score, of all the movies I have seen. Swades just broke it. Now dont jump to conclusions, that Im directly critisizing Ilayaraja. I respect IRs talents, but that doesnt mean someone cannot outdo him.

I've downladed the Background Soundtrack. Thanks to the ARRFans Yahoo group. Playing the Entire 38 MP3s bring in front the emotion of the Scene, without watching it. You will remember every frame of the movie, with just the music going into your ears. (If only, you had liked the movie.). I will try and put up the Swades Theme on my ODEO music channel.

A real satisfying experience. God Bless Rahman.


Jeevan said...

Nice work friend. me too like Swwadish, excelent movie

Krithiga said...

My on(ly)e favourite scene in Swades was the "yeh taara" sequence. Otherwise it was OK-OK only. Nowhere near the exciting (albeit a little cliched) Lagaan. And heard that Swades is an uncredited remake of a Kannada film. Dunno about the truth.

keerthi said...

:) I havent seen lagaan yet. But I thot Swades was a ralaxingly very "No-climax.. nothing unnatural" movie. What makes me more excited is the BGM.. Trust me krithika, its awesome. Awesome-o-awesome.

thennavan said...

Trick-shot mannan Keerthi :-)

keerthi said...

thennavan, ippdi dhaan Thiruttu VCD edukkaraanga pola irukku :D

Bala (Karthik) said...


Kalayai Kaasaakkum Ikkaalathil
Kalayai Swasikkum Engal Annan
Ulaganayagan Kalaignani Padmashree Dr.Kamal Haasan Ayyavukku
Bhakkthakodigal koorum pirandha naal vazhthukkal!

Unmayaana kalaignan Virumaandi
Saatchi solla sandhiran varuvandi!

Nathigam pesum nallavurukku
Naam muzhanguvom pirandhanal nalvazhthu....

Padayeduthu miratta varum engal Marudhanayaga
Paadhavanakkam endrum unakke engal VIRUDHU NAYAGA!

Here's wishing the
par excellence Universal Hero Padmashree Dr. Kamal Haasan a very happy
birthday. In an industry where crass is celebrated over class,
mediocrity is hailed as entertainment, WE SAULTE THE TRUE ARTIST KAMAL SIR

Bala (Karthik)
Devi Paradise Kamal Bhakthargal Unit


Jo said...

Yes, am amazing work by ARR and as a whole a great movie. This guy, Asuthosh Gowariker, has got something in his brains and he already proved it. I would say this is his masterpiece, not Lagaan.

Jo said...

And what were you doing out there with your cam? ;-) Shooting the stars? yeh taaraa, woh taaraa, har taaraah... :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Keerthi, Umm..nice photoshop work.!!

Swades - I liked that one ARR.

I didn't watch the movie. I have been told even by my physical therapist who is an American..that Swades is Good.!! So..I'll do it soon.!!

And thanks for the Music.!!

keerthi said...

bala, ada ada ada.. Naanum unga club dhaanunga..

Jo, exactly Swades easily outbeats Lagaan. And with the Cam.. Im shooting the "Other Side of Swades" :)

venkittu sir, Swades paarunga sir. Nalla padam. Romba Nalla padam.

Ranganathan St. said...

'Swades is one of the sensible movies i've seen in recent years, little too idealistic though. yeah I love the BGMs in swades. where did you get them? arrahmanfans group? I've been looking for 'Aayo re', 'dam construction' (i.e when they test it), 'dhothi wearing' themes. these 3 are the best pieces i remember of right now. enga irukkunu sollupa i too will download it :D