Thursday, November 24, 2005

To Notepad Fans

I've seen most of the software developers use Notepad as their slaves. Yet, most of their activities revolve around it. Development in a wider sense means COPY-PASTE. So, Clipboard means a lot to software developers, and Notepad is their Multi-tier Clipboard.

If you fall under that category, or if you use Notepad extensively... here's makig your life simpler.

Welcome to KeyNote.

You press Esc, and the application will minimize to your system tray (not even Start Bar)
And the beauty is, you dont have to save.. It auto saves.

Also, you can store your contents like a Parent Child/ Sibling format..
This is what it looks like.

It is more like an Organized Scrap Book.
Give it a try, when you find time.

The Application Setup is available here.


Karthik said...

Try SciTE (, it is much better...


keerthi said...

thnks Karthik.. will try it.
But Key Note is not a Source code editor... but a Clipboard with multiple nodes. nee idha try panni paar.

Bala (Karthik) said...

Thanks for the link