Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The War of Game Shows

Looks like Sun TV is jumping back to game. Ramya Krishnan features in Sun TVs new game show "Thanga Vettai" (Gold Hunt).

Sun TV already sucked at replicating "Kaun Banega Crorepati". Sarathkumar's flop show "Koteeswaran" did not reach people as expected. But Jaya TV's "Jackpot" is rocking sundays, nowadays.

Vijay TV's "Vasool Rani" is what seems to have triggered up the fire. A very different show with reasonably good questions (some were difficult even) has fastly crawled in to the TV Menu of the audience. The anchor of the show is Balaji (who seems to be a popular Radio Jockey). This guy takes the show with cool pace, and i think he is fairly a good reason for the hit of the show.

Jaya TV has now got Meena to play "Houseful" game. This is a SMS driven game show, where anyone from their living rooms can participate.. This game is what is called "Tambola".. something we used to play in office, occasionally.

Now Sun TV cant be numb, watching all the games (or Game SHows) going around them. So here they are with 200 Gms of GOLD (i guess so, im not sure about the number). Ramya Krishnan will give 200 Gms of GOLD to the Winner of "Thanga Vettai".

Adhayum dhaan paarpome !

Hmm. Get reminded of Playwin's Slogan.
"Khelo India, Khelo !"


Ranganathan St. said...

I still remember the very first question which Sarath Kumar asked in Kodeeswaran. It was a true or false question 'Is Tirunelveli famous for halwa?' and the best part is the answer, that guy said 'No'.

what to say but 'heights of abatham'


keerthi said...

Narayanan, there was another question too.. "Sarkarai Pongal, sweeta / kaaramaa ?".. mavane kayile kidaichirundhaa ... grrr.

Jeevan said...

i will watch only KBC-2, i have many GK questions.

Kapil said...

Did someone realize how much money are these programs helping the mobile operators generating. Read more on my latest post

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Ranganathan St. said...

"Sarkarai Pongal, sweeta / kaaramaa ?".

answer kaaram'nu dhaane sonnan :D