Sunday, December 25, 2005

2006 Starts Next Week. Get ready !

How about Calendars for 2006 ? Yeah ! They have started flowing out.

Bad News. Diwali, Pongal, Vinayak Chathurthi and Ayudha Pooja all fall on weekends.
Here's something you can use. Microsoft Office's Calendar Templates for 2006

Landscape, Portrait and Landscape with space for Notes.

Getting ready for 2006 ? Your time starts next week. Good Luck !


revatechnic said...

thanks for the links keerthi.
are you working on any avyukta calenders??
if you are, do post them.

susubala said...

Yeah...bad news to begin with.

I feel so sad that most of the occassions do fall on week ends.

We all miss our declared holiday thrillings.

keerthi said...

revathi, Avyukta Calendars ? oh Sure... will make'em and send across :) like the brand ?

susubala, (first i thought your name sounded like Sisubala.. then i had clarity when i went to your profile page :) Yeah. Bad news. That too when Pongal comes on a sunday. That used to be series of holidays.. Damn ! Talking of holidays, Read this.