Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aaj Tak - Clumsy Act

Tehelka's tape was appreciated because it was first of its Kind, in India. That was amusing, and gave away to an uprise. Mr. Lakshman was done for his lifetime. This should have trigerred a lot of Sting operations from then on.(Read this about Ethical Aspects of Tehelka)

And today we have Aaj Tak. Its sting operation has captured MPs getting bribes for raising Questions in the House of People - Lok Sabha. And that for Rs. 10,000. Trust me.. people are able to believe that the MPs got bribes. But they couldnt believe that they went down for just Rs. 10,000.

Every Single Indian knows that their MP is getting bribes. Every. Single. Indian. knows.

Why would Aaj Tak do it for then ? The Media is making stories, rather than collecting stories. It might look like the media is Stripping out the clumsy-acts of the society. But I think the Media is becoming "the Clumsy".

They feel the dire need of being in survival, and so they have to make some kinda conspiracy work for them and make the news and Hit the "Here-you-go.. Now Im hot-selling" bell.

I posted this on my blog before someone called a "Visitor" came over. Read it.

With media making the news, it could turn the society in its favour. Someday Aaj Tak or some news media will bribe some MP or MLA to Kill a Chief Minister and shoot that on video Tape.. and also cover the murder on video tape, and show it to the Public. "Chief Minister Murder : Only on our television" (Watch it live ?)

If i had some more money, I would sue the TV Media for first hand bribing the MPs. "Oh ! They did it just for fun ?? BULLSHIT".


Krithiga said...

Only a few hours back, I was talking about the same thing. Guess news channels are going from bad to worse. Even NDTV joined the club by giving unnecessary importance to Amitabh Bachchan's health conditions. It made their headlines, along with Cyclone Fanoos!

Kaps said...

This was actually done by Cobrapost.com - run by Aniruddha Bahal. He was the same guy behind Tehelka sting operation as well. They have just used Aaj tak as a medium to take this video to the public.

keerthi said...

kaps, yeah. I read this on JV. But they have a hand on this, significantly.