Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Aththaribachchaa !

Google Zeitgest India for september is out , and I find this as top of te chart. The term - SureRoute

Looks like a software for deciding the path.. not my area. But why so many people searched for it, remains a Question. That too this one is topping Sania Mirza. Now you know how many people searched for SureRoute.

Hey, Got a look into this site, and their Cartoon pages are really good and clean. Check it out. The picture on the left is my personal fave. This came out when Amitabh fell sick :)


The Aththaribachcha Story !! (Thanks to Aparna's Comment)

If you had not heard this story, when you were a kid.. you missed something. Atleast tell this to your kid. Our version of Bed-time stories.

There was this guy, who was really empowered with short-term memory loss (!). Once he visited his Sister's house. And his Sister was very happy to host him. She made him a lots of sweets and dishes. One such thing was Kozhukkattai. :)

Boy, he was delighted to eat it.. and he wanted more. Finally after a full-kattu, he asked his Sister the name of the item that he just had slaughtered. Sister said the magical name "Kozhukattai". Whaw ! He wanted to explain that to her wife and make her do it at home. But he had this memory problem, you know ! But there was no Polaroid Camera at those times to photograph it..(duh !) So, he thought he would recite the name all the way back to his home, and the first thing he would do, when he reaches home is shout "Kozhukkattai" to his wife, and make her do it.

So, our Gajini was on his way back home, after a very happy return from his Sister's. He was chanting "Kozhukattai.. Kozhukattai.. Kozhukattai.. Kozhukattai.." while he was walking. It looked like it would work this way. Then came a huge pit on the road, with dirt water. He had to jump over it to carry on with his journey. He took a step back... and ran forward and made a jump (Shankar would show this on a 360 degree camera with slow motion).... while jumping he yelled "ATHTHARIBACHCHA!!!" (An exclamatory word. Somebody add this on Wiki :)

Gone ! Now Kozhukattai was out of his memory and only Aththaribachcha remained. So, on his further walk, he was chanting "Aththaribachcha.. Aththaribachcha..Aththaribachcha..".

He then reached home and as expected, the first thing he told his wife was "Aththaribachcha..". his wife gave him a pale gaze, and asked him what he meant by that. He said that his sister had made him Aththaribachcha, and it was so very sweet and delicious. The wife got puzzled... she had never heard a dish like that, before. So, she grew wild on repeated hearing of Aththaribachcha. She said that she never knew how to do it, and would not make it.

Our guy got crazy, and with anger ignited - he started hitting the wife for not complying a husbands request. After some time the neighbour pops in, and is surprised to see swellings in the face of the wife.

"Ennadi Kannam ellam kozhukkattaiyaattam veengi irukku !!!".... On hearing this sentence, a 1000-watt bulb glows on the Husband's face. In Guna - Kamal style, he says "Adhaaan ! Adheeeedhan... Kozhukkattai.. Kozhukattai...". (read as "Abiraaami .. Abiraaami !!") He then explains his wife, that Kozhukattai was the dish that her sister had made, and that was what he was trying to explain her......

By the time, my Patti had ended this story, I would be sleeping.

[ps - we never know who invented this story, but it has come across ages, and spread by word of mouth.. amazgin aint it ?]


thennavan said...

Aththiribaachchaa kuruvi chikkikichchaa
En poal meesaiyai vachchaa


revatechnic said...

haha.. mamavuku kudumaa kudumaa..

love that song.

and i have always loved the atharibachha story also. Always willing to tell it to anybody who is willing to listen to it.

keerthi said...

thennavan, psssh ! Nilakalagandam !! :)

revathi, great.. so you knew it too :) lots people know it. hmm