Saturday, December 03, 2005

Before the power cuts-off again...

Have to figure out what to do on "Ada Raama" days.

Ada Raama days are those days, when it rains like it will never stop. No power. No Access to any news media. nothing.. Chennai is now getting a lot of these days. But this day, I've felt something really obvious.

Aananda Vikatan Sucks. These guys have to change a few things seriously and bring it back on hold to the classic audits of the earlier Editor. Its almost a movie scrap book. Useless - petty - sill - sick jokes. And all jokes have a lady with a low hip saree.. Awkward.. Why claim it as a family magazine.

Few articles are good. Yet, if they tend to follow this trend...we are to loose another quality media source.


Ranganathan St. said...

It does'nt need to rain to become an 'Ada raama' day. Its better to have one such in rainy season than in the middle of summer.

Infact those are the days you can spend some (quality ?) time outside the internet :D.

Its ok ma adjust pannikalaam, chinna vayasulendhu appadi thaane irundhom.


keerthi said...

narayanan, Quality timeaaa ? Bada bejaaruppa !!

Chakra Sampath said...

btw, I heard that Ashokan - who used to be the editor of Pocket Novel and books of those kind has taken over the editorship of A.V. Not sure whether that is the case.