Thursday, December 01, 2005

யாமறிந்த மொழிகளிலே !!

I've posted this before. But I've got emails from many people and yesterday, Mr. Partha Krish had left a comment on my blog about using Tamil on his computer. I would go to his home and install the following for him, for I've already missed an opportunity of meeting him on the Chennai Blogger's meet. It is a pleasure making a conversation with such a personality. Thanks to Mukundan, for inviting home.

For others, here's some information.

There are many Tamil Applications that talk of simplicity, starting from Murasu. But off-late, I've been using an application, that really makes sense.

And it is called KURAL, and its Word Processing Software - Kavithai Seyali ( i like the name) !

Of Course, Kural, is yet another Transliteration enabled software, where you need no Knowledge of Tamil Typing. Big Advantage - it allows you to save the document in a RTF format, so that you could do more on Word. Actually, Kavithai Seyali incorporates most many of the features of Word.

Installation is simple, and using it would be a piece of cake. I would easily reccommend this software, eyes shut.

You could Download the software here.

Good thing is that they have also mentioned the Installation instructions on the same page. If you have a good Broadband connection, you could better download the Professional Edition.

Let me know.

PS: For those who want to add Tamil to their Blogs, you can easily do it on the fly using this. Just Type, Copy and Paste.

Tamil was only difficult in the Classrooms. :)


thennavan said...

Thanks Keerthi. I got the Professional one. It downloaded in a jiffy on my cable internet connection.

kumaraguru .alias.kummy said...

i will also try the tamil stuff. thanks keerthi

sai thilak said...

Really good links keerthi. thanx.

kichami said...

Great keerti Great! So swift! Thanks This had been my dream from Jan 2005 when I read Desikan's blog and later several others.It also gives an opportunity to see U again.All the best OPartha krish

Chakra Sampath said...

Brilliant.. i have been using Murasu.. will try this seyali as well.

btw, Tamil was never difficult for me in the classrooms... ;)

WA said...

Tamil was only difficult in the classrooms :)

So true. So true

tt_giant said...

Thanks a lot keerthi.. i have downloaded it..

actually, it has been generally agreed that tamil is one of the more difficult languages to learn. So, one should be proud that he/she can write tamil!.

Jeevan said...

You have given this Kural site some days back. Realy nice site, easy way to translate tamil in Tanglish.

Ranganathan St. said...

Have you used eKalappai? That was one of the older ones I've used. Since I have internet access most of the time, I used this online version.

Is there any way to do such transliteration as a javascript within the blog? Should explore on that, would be really useful.


kichami said...

Dear keerthi thanks My niece says she will give me the central Govt'sfree C.D tamil fonts (Maaran's releas) and that I can install it I don't know how to do it .If your"kural'or murasuanjal or 'murasu whcever cabn be used with Eng.keyboard is welcome.My regards to your parents.Expecting U
All the best.Partha krish