Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Boss is Born - In style

I think Rajinikanth should be equally appreciated for Make up, as much as Kamalhaasan is. The Charisma that was felt yesterday with just three pictures of Sivaji, Wow !!

It might be easy to put a wig and dye the moush.... but then, the real youth in the eyes and the face... look at the Sivaji pic.. Rajini looks just like a 30+. Good make up - well done.


thennavan said...

One day I was walking by the beach
A washed up bottle I saw within my reach
On opening it out came a genie
He was as genial as the great Rajini
He told me to ask whatever boon I wished
And said take your time, don't feel rushed
But by that time I had already decided
Because I knew what would get me excited
I told him I want to see Thalaivar in flesh and blood
The genie granted that and said your choice is good


WA said...

aahaa looks like there is no escape, enge ponaalum Thalaivar padam

Ranganathan St. said...

enge ponaalum thalaivar mayama irukku. enakku andha Sivaji pic'a paathu bore adichu pochu. vera pic pottu adutha fwd anuppa sollanum :D


Bala (Karthik) said...

The Sivaji look is a winner all the way - Killer Look, no doubt. I also agree that the look we see in Rajini's eyes and demeanour have always been "pullarikkum" material. However, that shouldn't be confused with good make-up. That domain belongs to OUR THALAIVAR. For starters, you don't see much detail in the Sivaji still. Remember the close-ups in CM? Compare that with Anbe Sivam, were MANY scenes with absolutely tight close-ups. THAT is make-up!
In fact, the pic you have of Thalaivar (Press Intv vs MX) doesn't do justice to prove His prowess in getting the best of make-ups.

revatechnic said...

thalaivar rocks.
i mean.. what a look man?
complete change...
can't wait for the padam release.

Raju said...

mm.. his make-up in CM and Sivaji are young and charming.. The 'meesai' in Sivaji is interesting.. a bit longer than usual, and gives a different look.. Shankar's idea?

Jeevan said...

Rajin's face look like mundru muham Rajini.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Amazing Photos Keerthi.!! God..these makeup people just change everyone upside down..isn't it.!! Kamal ( My thalaivar) and Rajini look great with their makeups. (Jeevan is right ...looks like Moondru mugam Rajini)

MHO - Kamal has to go to the GYM..and loose some weight..Can you put in a word please :)

keerthi said...

thennavan, i walked up on the same beach. same bottle. same genie. But i was denied. "Sorry pal. I just gave thennvan the wish..". I jumped. "Woohaa ! good. he's an even better genie.. ill take it from him". :), so please pass on the DVD :)

uma, Gumthalakkadi Gummavaaa ; Thalaivarna Summava !!!

narayanan, Shankar padam pa. Over sceneaa thaan irukkum. Padam kadaisila dhaan bakki photos varum.

bala (karthik), Kamalhaasan makes up his good face to suit the character. But Rajinikanth makes up his Very old face to bring up the Young Basha and Padayappa and now Sivaji. This wont take the credit off Kamalaasan. Make ups simply dont mean changing your appearance. Hey ram was a classic make up example. Kannathil Muththamittaal was a good example. Just changing faces and taking pride out of it.. Kamal himself should be bored out of it, after Dasavatharam. What do you say ?

revathi, :) Thats Rajinikanth for you.

raju, did you notice the Gotee ? Most of the posters arent clear... but a gotee features in his face.

jeevan, many felt that. you are right. Alex Pandian ;)

Venkittu Sir, I have a different name for you - Palamuga Mannan Narayanan Venkitu. I myself have seem your IMs with different Meesai dhadis :) Kamal has lost weight for Vettayadu Vilayadu. Yes, i will tell him, when he comes home next time :)

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Just changing faces and taking pride out of it.. Kamal himself should be bored out of it, after Dasavatharam. What do you say ? "
Aandavar had clarified this long back and many times in interviews with the answer "Do fish get bored of water?"

keerthi said...

Bala (Karthik), I guess it is for Acting. BTW, please email me your Yahoo or GTalk id :)