Monday, December 19, 2005

Color Color What Color Do you Choose

I Love Black. And you know its quite obvious from the template of this site. Even my PC-Avyukta is Black.

Red (3807) 15%

Green (3013) 12%

Gold (1212) 5%

Turquoise (Blue-Green) (1425) 5%

Blue (3849) 16%
Purple(or Lavender) (2809) 11%
Pink (2478) 10%

Black (1913) 7%
Orange (2156) 8%
Yellow (1383) 5%

Total Votes: 24045

The above is the survey on about people liking colors. Im one of the 7% who voted. Blue is the most liked color. There are people who judge others by just the color they like (What do you think about me - I like black the most ??)

Black is a very mystic color. It suits any picture on its front. It would add beauty to the picture. So would plain white.. but Black is best.. eh ! But philosophically, only white defines Black best. Like the picture above.

So, whats your favourite color and Why ? If you like Black, then have a hug from me :)

My friend Manu never wears a shirt that doesnt have Blue in it. He has so many shades of Blue plain shirts. We all convinced him to buy a Green shirt.. but he got one Blue with Green striped shirt. Sila pera maathave mudiyadhu.

Here is a site that has just RED all over, but still be pleasing. Here.

BTW, did you look at the flash on the top :) I made it using SwishMax. Its a child's play there. But I couldnnt make it appear on IE (though it appeared on Firefox). Thanks to PK for resolving the issue. Tell me hhow it looks :)


Gowri Sankar said...

I too like Black.. but prefer Light Blue/White for backgrounds in my works. Even ur Activa is black and I think Bharat Bala productions also have a black theme in their works..

sai thilak said...

I like black & white.I think these colors are universal. :)

Krithiga said...

I use Firefox 1.5 and have installed the Flash plug-in. Yet I'm not able to view any flash animation enabled web-sites. And I have no idea why it happens :(

Naan said...

nalla keethu baa. aanaka, black shade konjam kooda keethu!

keerthi said...

gowri, take a hug :) Yes. Bharath bala uses more white.. and jarring white..

sai, i dont understand what you mean by Universal. :)

krithika, Check the advanced options in your firefox.. (Are you able to do it on IE ?)

naan, nandri thaleeva. Karuppu dhaan enakkku pudichha coloru !! dan danakka dan danakka !

thennavan said...

Karuppu dhaan enakku pidichcha color-u :-)