Sunday, December 11, 2005

December 12 - Unforgettable day

Yet another Monday morning. Its raining outside. Its dark and Freezing cold. Will you feel like going to office ?

Yesterday, my mom won a First Prize in an Elocution competition, that was conducted by a local association. She had gone to Help the hosts. But she got involved, and joined the competition and eventually won a prize. She came home with pride all over her face, for participating in a competition after so many many years, and more of it - Winning it at First place.

She had spoke about "Women Liberalization". She is a practical woman, so she spoke both for and against points. And quite easily we had a discussion at home, for nearly an hour about the topic. This is one evergreen topic you can keep debating about.

I ended the conversation like this. "The rules and constraints that surround you are not your barriers always. They are your protection too."

Even I didnt realize this till then... hmmp. Think about it. I felt like a philosopher for a moment. (DHODA !!).
To me it looks like "Udhyogam Sthree Lakshanam"... and soon more "House Husbands" will be produced. But there will be a small difference. The House Husbands will not retaliate..and bounce back about their rights. They will enjoy that position, which most of the House Wifes have failed enjoying.

Forget it. Today is Thalaivar's Birthday. Next door kid - Darshan's 2nd birthday. And my accident anniverseray. I can only say life has been kind to me so far.


Leon said...

Congrats to your Mom.

//soon more "House Husbands" will be produced.

I wonder what you base your belief on?

keerthi said...

loen, sorry for a late response. will put a detail post on my justification.