Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dinamalar ePaper

No matter what. We have news everywhere on Sify and Rediff. Aana Dinamalarla paarkara maadhiri varuma ? Here's Dinamalar offering ePaper. It is classic and free. So grab it now. News, in the way it is on paper (including advertisements). Now this is interesting.

Here's another link - Check this song. MS Viswanathan and SPB. I've never heard this song before. Thanks to Narayanan for introducing me this song.

Chennai is now expecting a heavy rain. Atleast the meteorological department guesses it. See to yourself how it looks like now.

God save this world


Jeevan said...

rain started alread, god should save the chennai.

Ranganathan St. said...

I never knew there were named cyclones in India. A little google and I ended up here.

That Nitham Nitham song is soo addictive, I was successful in making 2 more people mad after that song. The credits goto this guy who unearthed the song from Dhool SOTD. Me doing the kolgai parappu seyalalar job for the song :D


kichami said...

Dear keerthi Pl visit my 2nd blog
' a few days back wherein I have written about the Meterological predictions in our country and U.S and how they have publish a 90 cents book detailing 100 years of weather with statistics.It is not to belittle their work but having worked with them for training things are exactly the same as was in 1988 and I reired in 1989