Wednesday, November 30, 2005

GTalk Me

Looks Jazzzzy !Doesnt it...

Thanks to Google Blog, to have placed URLs of Unofficial Google Sites that do developments that please the Google Users, as much as Google does.

Here's to Customize your GoogleTalk.

You have plenty of links for you, if you love that Text Smileys. If you are a ardent core programmer, you will find links to make your RPC Calls from Google Talk.. (!). Boy, that one was too very much.

Here's the best part.... Online IM Radio - MERCORA

This is an IM Based Radio, yet to test this feature with a GTalk IM Friend. But this lets me Webcast my own music, and also listen to other music, with Crystal Clear Sound Clarity.

If you happen to Download this one (download available here) try searching for as many Tamil as possible. I instantly hit upon Mazhai audio.

I tried (in vain) searching "Eno Kangal Un Mugame Ketkiradhe".... the instant Hit from "Kalvanin Kaadhali".... YSR is Still Banging on... Listen to it, and you will know.

Its already December !!


Unknown!!! said...

Hello Keerthi...
wow great blog pal...
the birthday one is great!...

Ranganathan St. said...

I just heard Kalvanin Kadhali, 'Yeno Kangal' was'nt all that super, kekkalaam would get into top 10, for only one reason 'Sadhana Sargam' otherwise that song too would've been trash. vera edhuvum kekkara madiriye illa. dhayavu senju 'Ivan Kattil' and 'Kudakooli' ketturadhe, unless you want to damage your ear drums.


kichami said...

Dear keerthi How is ur grand ma?I just saw ur comment in Thennavan's ,took a link to your avyukta and was pleased to see your giving tips on google customizing and IM based radio G.Talk,though due to lack of technical knowledge on down loading.Your description of Ur daily chores was interesting except the>idiots at home < part.Can U do me a favour? if u know any free tamil fonts which can be downloaded I would request U to come download it for me and tell me hoe to use.I have been craving for it for sometime now without any success.My regards to ur parents.we missed U at the meet/
All the best Partha krish

keerthi said...

hi Nobes, thanks. And special thanks for the "Birthday one".. thats my Apple.

narayanan, nesandhaan. music very very sumaar. paarpom.

hello mama, thanks. Patti is fine here. and about the "Idiots at Home".. there is an explanation. There will be more about Narayanan..(It is not my Daily Chores.. it is a story with a few more chapters coming up.. )

And regarding Tamil Software, Kavidhai Seyali is a software that is very very useful in processing on Tamil. I shall bring it home, and install it for you.

Aravind said...

any idea about configuring mercora for gtalk in a firewall/proxy server setup.

Da Rodent said...

I'm sure that I'm the last person you expected to leave a message. However, gtalk was a interesting topic..

i was totally hyped up over gtalk since it was using the xmpp. But., without the inter-server-operability feature (the main advantage) of xmpp., it still sucks. Maybe it looks pretty., maybe it does many things in a pretty way. Still., google broke the hearts of millions of open-im people.

Anwayz., their site still promises that they are working on it. I'm looking forward to.

keerthi said...

aravind, i thought it would work very simply the same way GTalk would work on a Proxy setup. Is it not working ?

joe, hey pal... i was askin Shiv for your URL. Dei, edhedho pesadheda. enakku puriyadhu.. Interserver Operability - Sweetaa kaarama ?

Ranganathan St. said...

maams if you have a remote idea of hearing Sandai Kozhi, DROP IT. idhula 1 paatavadhu kekkalaam pola, adhu innum sappa thanama irukku :-s


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