Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays !

All were in the room. Very Noisy. Few of them were discussing the answers for the Section A. Section A was very tough today. The entire school sounded too much. The neighbors knew why. The school will be empty for the next few days, and they may not like it. Just like people who live close to the railway lines, cannot sleep without the train sound.

Deepak was all happy, like all his friends were. Exam days are cool. no normal bags and Lunch carriers. Just a Pad and a Geometry Box. Todays Question paper carried high importance, as the empty portion will be used for noting down the Assignment for the holidays.

Class teacher came in.. Nobody stood up to wish.. they were all busy talking to friends. Few were still regretting for choosing wrong options in Section A. Linda Miss was able to accept the behaviour. She was also a little happy about the holidays. Only a small bunch of Kids answer sheets. Piece of cake, to correct them.

Deepaks mind was thinking much like others.

"No more 6 O Clock wake up alarms. No more studies. Lotsa TV. Lotsa games. Lotsa fun... Yay ! I will be a free bird.. am gonna enjoy these days.. " ... Few guys had planned the assignement at the end of the Holidays, a few guys wanted to end them tonight and take the rest of the days into their hands. Their minds showed the calender, and these Holiday days were painted Gold. The Contiguous days were like a dream gift.

Linda Miss surprisingly did not give huge assignements. It was very light. There was still time for the bell. So, Linda Miss was asking every student the plan for their vacation. As the general protocol, they all said the reply the first student.. "Nothing.. simply at home.. TV"... few geeks said "Iam going to read books". There was a rich guy, who was going to Srilanka to visit his uncle. That raised the eyebrows of a few middleclass students.


Yaaaaaaahhheeyy !! Vuttaachu Leeeeavu !!

They had the excitement in mind. But they did not run. They walked out, and cycled further out.

Deepak woke up by 6 O Clock the next day. The day looked just normal.


Ghost Particle said...

Happy Holidays! Have fun!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

reminds me of my school days, holidays were times i wud eagerly look forward to, only to find that school is way more interesting

revatechnic said...

yeah.. true.
Actually to a certain level you achiee more in non-holidays.
Holidays just make you wanna slack, and by the end of the day, you would not have achievd anything.
But i never regret them though.
They rejuvenate me.

Jeevan said...

Happy Christmas:)

monu said...

i always loved holidays!
leave vitta padikka solla maattaanga..adhaan bestu part!

loved the way your worte it

keerthi said...

ghostparticle, Thanks ! :) oh, and Same to you :)

vatsan, Dead on. Thats the whole point :)

revathi, achievement ? madam periya vaarthai yellam paesareenga. enakkum adhukkum sambandhame illay ! :D

jeevan, thanks !! Happy christmas to you.

Gayathri, Yeah. Thats the best part. But i dont study in school days too :P . Thanks !