Friday, December 09, 2005


I had been to my cousin's Grahapravesm in Nanganallur today morning. And needless to say, I visited my all-time favourite Anjaneyar Temple. And what a Darshan I had !!! Wow.

They opened the doors after 45 mins of waiting (they were doing the Alangarams)and the Lift was slowly going up, showing the diety slowly. "Pradyaksham".. if you know that word.. i felt it today. Anjaneyar Pradyakshamai munnadi irundhaar.

When you worship God, it is always a better practice to spread your arms up in the air, and make a Kummbidu. Thats heavenly. Paripoorana Saranagatham !!!

Thanks to my Uncle who got me into this habit of "Saturday Anjaneyar".



revatechnic said...

hey great dharisanai you had i guess.
Sounds fun with all those relatives of yours.
I have always loved that group knit feeling.

Jeevan said...

wow! Anjaneyar statue is very big. i will try to see him.

WA said...

Thanks to you we got to see the Anjaneyar too today. Beautiful picture.

keerthi said...

revathi, relatives.. Yes. They are great. I hate the current attitude of youngsters who are brought up with the mentality "Friends are a lot better than relatives".. what do you think ?

jeevan, Anajaneyarai Nambinor Kaividappador !

Uma, The picure is from Google Images. And yes.. its a divine picture, literally. ;)

Venkat said...

Have you seen Panchavati Hanuman near Pondicherry?

I have been there many times, its huge and as the name suggests, has 5 faces!

Chakra Sampath said...

hmmm.... namma Nanganallur Anjaneyar.. have you visited this temple?

Ramachandran said...


Have you visited the Sri Panchamukha Hanuman temple at tiruvallur(