Sunday, December 04, 2005

KNM - Here's to people who love realistic movies

Kanda Naal Mudhal has not put me down. It stands to my expectations. And those all who bet against me, "Pay me back" :)

It was a pleasure watching every inch of this movie. I was coming back home with a surprise, that I could watch a movie without heroic punch dialogues and fights. And everyone on theatres walked out, without a bad-comment. I would definitely want everyone to watchi this film. Its a good entertainer. It doesnt leave you a message. It is like something that comes and soothes you and then vanishes in the air, leaving a sweet smell all around you.

First things first. Appreciations to the Producer. Prakash Raj has been consistantly giving movies like this.. Soft. "Azhagiya theeye" was not a big hit, but got him a good name among "Thiruttu VCD" Viewers. This time Prakash Raj has emplyed a very good crew. And the crew has took a movie to a height that Me and Srivatsan were struggling to get the tickets to this movie for the past fwe days. Housefull ma !

Story of Kanda Naal Mudhal is so very big, and cannot be give on a Jist, which will do no justice to the story. It is a huge story, entangled in the bush of emotions. A lot of emotional changes to both Hero and Heroine, in the course of the movie.. and surprisingly, the director makes it edible. Prasanna and Laila are the major players and Prasanna quickly steals the show. He is a bundle of talents. He should make an award out of this movie, for sure. Laila - we've seen her frown and fight and shout in a lot of movies... yet, she has done a good job.. and has taken care in acting.

PC Sriram was a little disappointing for me. The useless picturisations of songs are added irritations with dark lightings. You might appreciate it separately, as a photo shoot. But with the movie, it just doesnt fit. A very ordinary effect.

YSR - The KING. He rules he movie with good Background score. I've already began a hunt for KNM's BGMs. The music keeps the mood of the scene intact, and it is very essential for a emotional movie like this. I wish YSR continues this way.

Priya - the director, has given us a promising movie. Worth watching many times. Worth watching with family.

This is what you can do when you have a good story line - make a good movie out of it. You cannot make a good movie from a single line story like "Vijay is a mechanic. He fights society".


Ramesh said...

nice review...

Ranganathan St. said...

good, there is one other movie to watch out other than Thavamai Thavamirundhu then.

You cannot make a good movie from a single line story like "Vijay is a mechanic. He fights society".



Prabu Karthik said...

>>"Vijay is a mechanic. He fights society"

i dont know what makes you add so much to a storyline.

the storyline actually goes like this



on KNM - parkalaam pola irukkey.

RandomThoughts said...

Lcky you! ever since the promos came out i've been wanting to see it & once i do i'll come back to you. The reveiws are real good & seems like Prasanna is here to stay!

keerthi said...

nandri Ramesh.

narayanan, I dont like to watch Cheran's movies. :)

pk, Kalakks. Vijay :) KNM definiteaa paarkanum.

rashmi, please do. But i doubt prasanna's stay as a hero. He's got to keep his options opn.

Prasad said...

Sounds like a good movie to watch.. good review.

yeah, i'm impressed with prakash raj too, hope he continues encouraging newcomers and continues with his experimentation..

Five Star - prasanna's other movie was also a very good movie..

Jeevan said...

this post shows that this a nice movie, will watch this movie soon. the uvan have give a nice songs.

Shiv Shankar said...

Yaa..after azhaiye theeye ..i was expecting one clean no bullshit movie from prakash raj ...good u liked it

keerthi said...

prasad, it is. I wish Prakashraj continues. But he can, opnly if this movie becomes a commercial hit.

jeevan, songs ellam semma kalakkal.

shiv, paarthaacha ?