Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Life of Choices and Compromises

I was home alone a few days back, and had to find my food outside. I went to Palimar Restaurant, which I have been told was very popular for good food, when my Dad was a bachelor. I always hate eating alone. But when Im alone I have always wanted to try different food varieties. So, I was exploring the Menu Card wildly for a different item, and there were many.

But here is where my weakness overtook me. When Im given a lot of choices in Hotels, I simply go for a Dosai. And if I wanted to order differently I make a Masala Dosai. Thats it.


In my childhood days, I visit the Video Cassette rental with a lot of movies in mind. But when I get the Catalogue in hand, you should see me struggling. Then I come out with either a Lousy Pic or some other movie, I have already seen.

Choices are definitely tough to Handle (or should i say delicate).

Ironically, i feel, we make compromises when we have a lot of choices.

My friend is buying a Car. His dream car is Maruthi Swift. (Only very few people like it. Im one of them). Thats costing 4.7 L. But all he can afford is a Hyndai Santro which comes with all Accessories for 4.05L. It is wise to have Santro, but then compromising on a dream.

It is acceptable to compromise something for Rs. 65,000. But spending 4.05 and compromising on .65 ?

When it comes to the moment of truth, like the bearer asking you the Order, the Video Cassette guy asking you the movie name or deciding what car to buy, some of us act differently than what we have thought. Am still trying to figure out he name for this feeling.

Having something in mind, but ordering/deciding an entirely different thing. Though we can afford something thats in our mind, though it is perfectly ok to buy what is in our mind.. we take an alternative route. Thats sometimes because we want to play safe. This means we arent ready to take risks.

Im not talking about taking risk in the normal sense. Im talking about picking the choice of our desire, when multiple options are Exhibited in front of you. Do you go by your desire ? or you order Masala Dosai, like me ?


Cipher said...

You are not alone Keerthi....

Gowri Sankar said...

Keerthi.. my dream vehicle is Scorpio DX.. but my father's has his eyes set on Indigo LX.. the difference in the cost is quite high - approx 2.5 lakhs!!! To be fair.. I feel that it is acceptable to compromise the dream..

May be I will get a chance to fulfill my dream in the coming years!

Arnab said...

Thanks for referring to my dream, I guess there are millions who face a dilemma like me. Just that a dream when realized becomes reality... Dreams unrealized remain a dream... and one can cherish it... "Keep Dreaming"...

Chakra Sampath said...

i have a friend who used to ask this way..

"indha bus woraiyur vazhiya poguma"

"aamam.. pogum"

then, he'll get down..

i may not have expressed here properly, but what i mean to say is, he would never enquire the bus route or anything based on where he want to reach. its always the otherway round.

What do you call this? :)

Prabu Karthik said...

keerthi, ellarukum idhu irukku.
we have a 'default setting' and we tend to fall back on this when forced to think.

Breaking out of this default setting requires time, conscious effort and a mindset to accept pain (imagine ordering something novel in a restaurant and it turns out bad)

Me too said...

I used to be a 'masaal dosai' too! These days with choices & more choices and most of them discussed, analised and criticised (on the internet, even the menu card!), more confusion!! So, I try to go out decided, 'athiribacha, athiribacha!(know this?)'

keerthi said...

cipher, yes iam not.. Bandhu!! :)

gowri shankar, I wish you fulfill your dreams. Good luck.

arnab, i've told you my dreams :)

keerthi said...

chakra, ha ha !! Thats what we call Gauss elimination method ;) (I hate buses travelling via Woraiyur.. Palakkarai or Thillai nagar route is best for sitting on a window seat).

Prabu karthik, exactly. Is it good or bad ?

aparna, :). Yes i know athiribachcha !! The Kozhukkattai story :) my patti's faourite.

keerthi said...

aparna, im wondering how these stories got spread (i guess just by word of mouth..) they arent published anywhere.. wow. our history is mystic.