Monday, December 26, 2005

Mouna Anjali

Tsunami visited us last year, and took with it a lot of lives on its way back.

Last December 26th I was in Bed with a broken leg. Me and my mom were discussing how to evacuate, just in case if the water raced to Villiwakkam. I couldn't walk at that time(get out of the bed even), so I should be staring out of my window and accept the waters, and further.

This year, i was watching through a similar window, but in the Office. There's a Hyundai Service center next to my office. It seems to be a very huge office with more than hundreds of workers. 10 O Clock, they made an announcement. My friend listened to it and said that they are to perform a Silent Mourning for 15 minutes. And the entire workshop was silent for 15 minutes. They all mourned.

I came back from the window, and I looked at my office. Everyone busy with their own work. I thought I should take some initiative to make people do a similar Mouna Anjali for the Tsunami Victims. Then a question dawned upon me. Whats the whole use of Mourning in silence ? All of us geting up and being silent, looking laterally, when it will get over...

Is that simply an act to make us feel good ?

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Adaengappa !! said...

A valid question.

I guess the silent homage is a mark of respect for the departed souls ..

All i hope is that the relief measures should help them victims to re-start their lives with dignity.

..Btw, you could have prompted your colleagues to mark the moment with silence.Afterall,it would make you feel good about your deed.