Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Of Emotional Movies

Junior Vikatan says : "Every Successfulday of Thavamai Thavam Irundhu will close down an Orphanage".

The movie seems to be too good. And people are emotionally aroused. Srivatsan had seen the movie and has a review on it. I spoke to him about it. And he said that Nuclear families are criticized (or) spoken about.

I have developed an aversion towards Cheran, simply because of his movie "Autograph". It wasnt that Great a movie. It wasnt worth so much of praise. But Cheran acknowledged the praises and made it looks like a High Quality movie. Sorry ! It isnt. Please dont talk of "Being realistic alone" in movies, make a Quality movie.

I will watch Thavamai Thavamirundhu, this weekend. And if he had spoke "City life is bad. Village life is good".. "Nuclear family is bad. Joint family is good.. What life are you guys having in nuclear families ??".... if thats all there, im spending all my money to meet Mr. Cheran and have a talk.


Prasad said...

Regardless of whether autograph was a well made movie (which I think it definitely is) I don't understand one thing. What would you do differently when thousands of people, praise your movie after watching it because they liked it so much and could relate to it?

Would you say, oh no this is not a great movie you must have mistaken it or drunk watching it or would you slap them instead ?.

Also please would you care to explain what makes a "High Quality Movie" ?

sai thilak said...

Autograph is good movie. may be opinion differs. about "Thavamai Thavam Irundhu " its tooooooo long movie full of family sentiments. But the movie is good and contains no masala.

keerthi said...

Prasad, adhu dhaanappa enakkum puriayala. Why would thousands of people prasie this movie ? Is it simply because we can relate that movie to our lives ? I understand you like this movie. Can you tell me why ? And hey. Apologies if i had hurted any Cheran's fans.. i didnt mean to. This is not meant to Defame Cheran (Duh! Im not that popular to defame him.. still).. Its just a arguement i would deliberately want to make.

Prasad said...

Keerthi, i'm not talking just about cheran or autograph, my question is what is one supposed to do when you are appreciated for your hard work ?.

as each persons taste differs, obviously some will like the work and some won't.

what bothered me is when you said cheran made it look better 'by acknowledging' the accolades he received for his work.. which i'm sorry to say it so plain, its nothing but crap.

i would have agreed with you if the movie really didn't do well at all and still cheran went on talking to press and giving interviews about how people kept praising him for the movie, clearly that is not the case.

as the box office showed it was a blockbuster hit!

me bieng a cheran fan or not is not relevant at all here.. i am just presenting a different view point which you have missed to see, that is all.. :)

btw, you have a got few interesting blog posts here.. just started exploring it.

kumaraguru .alias.kummy said...

prasad has a point you want masala or message?. its your choice.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

in autograph and TT cheran raises the unfair issue CITY VS GRAMAM, or NUCLEAR FAMILIES VS JOINT FAMILY etc, which he could have clearly steered clear of, its not necessary, which is the point keerthi is trying to make.

in autograph, ppl appreciated to the movie, because they could relate to it, and the movie was a break from the usual style of movie makin. like wise with TT, personally its way better than the current crop, but on a stand alone basis i am not too fond of it.

prasad, the box office is a bad judge of quality, wud u call tirupachi, or tirumalai good movies? just because they did well at the box office, or wud u rubbish anbe sivam because it failed at the box office?

prasad said...

vatsan, yes box office numbers may not be the correct judge as you pointed. absolutely correct. Agreed. I just used it as it gives some level of measurement on how well/bad atleast the mass movie watchers thought.

do you know of a better way to measuring it? or is there one? if yes, do let me know.

Nithya Swaminathan said...

High time someone tells him to simply stop making movies, and am glad you're going to take the initiative..;-)

His movies are way too melodramatic, he is unaware that one such thing called subtlety exists... Who wants to hear 3-4 hrs of nothing but preaching? he is yet to make a single film that doesnt preach... for gods sake, ppl dont go to movies to get moral lessons! TN politicians would do a better job of that... A film can convey a message, but it needs to be packaged well... Not someone literally teaching you on ur face!

Agree about Autograph, it was much hyped, probably coz it was the only "different" movie when it got released... And a mediocre film can be made absolute trash by Cheran himself acting in it... he cant act for nuts! Cant he get hold of a better hero?!

There is a hilarious review of TT in teakada, check it out... you may rethink about seeing the film...

ada-paavi!!!! said...

TT is way better than the recent movies released, way better than ne movie ive seen this year, only ones i liked were ullam kekumae and anrindhum ariyalum.

and secondly i presume that all of us here are urbanised people, that isliving in urban areas, in TT the character of sharanya will irritate us, especially as she grows older, and the daughter-in-law will again irritate us, but for someone who grew up in villages or semi urbanised areas, this is realism, the movie is realistic, just that i cant relate to it.

that doesnt make it a bad movie persay,

nithya i saw the movie and the Teakada review, the reviewer isnt the targed audience, therefore doesnt like the movie, its not as bad as its stated in the review

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

TT is a very nice novel on scrren like its caption..We should appreciate cheran for not adding any sleaze in his film from bharathi Autograph..

Kudos Cheran

Chakra Sampath said...

Interesting opinions.

"But Cheran acknowledged the praises and made it looks like a High Quality movie"

- Among other things, I disagree with you more on the above point.

Jeevan said...

i will see Thavamai Thavamirundhu soon. i like Join family life.

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

I am accepting that the movie having very lengthy frames..but it says all the messages..

1. the way how a father sacrificing or doing things for the welfare of his childrens..everybody shd recollect or remind these things in some time of their life..the film will do that..
2. How the society changes a single man life..cheran pushed to stay in hostel by seeing his colorfulness...
3. how we shd take care of our elders in their old age..where as JV says there wil be decrease in orphanage..
4. Most of all, nowadays all are doing films bcos of money and image for their own..
Cheran has deviation from them and try to project or explore some nice thots..

He is not saying or doing anything in film that Village life is better than city life..
And protecting or taking care of elders will not come under the category of joint family..that is different..

To love and get good things, there is no need that you should be Cheran fan..
Every tamizhan will love and drop some tears if he see this..

keerthi said...

let me tell you guys what i meant by Acknowledging.
Maniratnam wouldnt agree himself as an Art film director. He has said many times that he is a Masala movie director. Alaipayuthey, Bombay, Roja was all Masala movies.

Let me be clear here. Im not blaming Cheran for anything, and i do not intend to take any fame away from Cheran. If people have given him credit.. he deserves it.. no matter what.

But its only the "Quality Creation" part of it. I've seen Cheran say in interviews about "indha madhiri aarogyamaana padam".. stop. Whats aarogyam here. Story ?? Gnyani asked in this issue of Aananda Vikatan. "Would the Tamil audience have accepted Autograph, if a heroine loves 3 boys, and goes back to give invitations to them ?"

Autograph had good music. Authentic Cast. But very weak story. Good it was a Blockbuster. But it is not a healthy movie, or a movie to be considered So very sacred.

Thavamai Thavamirundhu - Im yet to see. So i may not talk about it.

Hope i havent hurt any Cheran's fans or Hardcore Autograph fans (I've seen a lot of 'em) and their feelings.

keerthi said...

Kumaraguru.. we've got directors who can say Message with Masala.. For instance, Manirathnam in Alaipayuthey. :) (ask my how)

Prasad, Measuring movies. Well, adhukku oru thani post podalaampa. :)

Chakra, My previous comment is for you.

Nithya, correct. Preach / Pulambal. I dont know if it is explicit.. but thats all i get from Cherans movies.

Karthikeyan muthurajan, whats wrong with Sleaze ?? Rama Narayanan has taken all possible divine movies.. what do you have to say about that ? And about TT. I havent seen the movie yet. But i still dont se any different thoughts from Cheran.

Me too said...

Keerthi, agree that 'Autograph' wasn't all that great(one of my friend said exactly the same thing as Gnani in AV!!) But I am glad it did well at the BO. If craps like 'New' and 'Tirupachi' can do well at BO and its directors & actors think that they are so good, why not Cheran? It needs guts(like Kamal & experiments) to make clean movies in Tamil now. So what if they are little preachy?

Like Vatsan says, different movies caters to different audiences. 'Kanda naal mudhal' and 'Azhagiya theeye' might not be as appreciated in the rural areas. And majority of people love melodrama (Mega serials post) and that is why Kamal has to resort to wailing/crying and hence looses out to Mohanlals/OM Puris!

Bala (Karthik) said...

Didn't like Autograph very much and my thoughts are pretty much the same as Vatsan's and yours on this. Yes, he's better than the Perarasu's and S.J Suryah's but too much whining and preaching for my taste.

And someone here keeps saying "There's no sleaze or flesh in Autograph and hence its great" or something to that effect. What's wrong in showing sensuality or sexuality??????

"that is why Kamal has to resort to wailing/crying and hence looses out to Mohanlals/OM Puris!"
IMO, Kamal losing out to Mohanlal and Om Puri is totally unacceptable. Nobody in India has been able to straddle the worlds of commercial and quality films like Dr. Kamal has done. If one has failed to look beyond Kamal's alleged "wailing" then its not Kamal's fault. And for the records its high time we shed the misconception that underplaying naturally means good acting.

Prasad said...

'Masala' is a very loosely defined word.. i don't know where you can draw the line, but in my book alaipayuthe is
definitely not a masala flick.

vatsan, about your point on cheran raising unfair issues, who decides if its fair/unfair ? what is fair to one is
unfair to someone else right ? a person watching this in a village would think cheran is completely fair in comparison to someone who have lived in a city and liked the way of life there. so I think we can't argue whether
the director must restrict himself to one line of thought, he has the right to express whatever he thinks is fair or isn't.. if the audience overall didn't agree with it, the movie wouldn't be very successfull.

keerthi said...

aparna, Prachy illemma.. too much pulamblaa thonudhu. And Kamal loosing to Mohanlals and Om puris ? I dont think so.

bala, yeah right. Nothing wrong in showing Sexuality.

prasad, Alaipayuthey is by all means a masala padam. why not ? it is supposed to be. My question to you. Did you get the "Most powerful" message from the movie ?

And on your reply to Vatsan. I agree. Who is Cheran to judge right ? "Vetri Kodi Kattu" shows a Cheat who swindles all the money. But I have seen many such brokers who have really sent the people to Dubai and elsewhere... There are lakhs of families who live with prosperity because of people who work in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore.. on contract jobs. That was portrayed like a crime.. or unhealthy job to do in Vetri Kodi Kattu.

And to talk of Audience.. they only take the tide. Word of mouth advertisement is what helps here to make a successful movie. "Azhagiya theeye" is one very practical and similar movie but did not even attamt to perform in box-office . Audience dont do justice everywhere.

Adaengappa !! said...

Nice Discussions :-)

==Gnyani asked in this issue of Aananda Vikatan. "Would the Tamil audience have accepted Autograph, if a heroine loves 3 boys, and goes back to give invitations to them ?"

I Agree..As a matter of fact,but for few emotional scenes,but for people that could relate to their early childhood days,Autograph wud be a movie for masses of "older generation", not certainly for the present gens..

Guess,same is the case with Azhagi too..

Correct me if am wrong !

Me too said...

Bala(Karthik) & Keerthi, 'sagaa, manchikonga!'. 'loosing out' was a bad choice of words.

keerthi said...

prabhu, you may be right.. I never saw Azhagi. Besides that, Thankar Bachchan is someone I hate. Have you read his interviews ?

aparna, adhane paarthen. illenna nadakkaradhe vera. :)

Ranganathan St. said...

I wanted to comment on this post. But wanted to watch Thavamai Thavamirundhu before that. I did'nt feel anything preachy about the movie and I liked it very much. This is not classy, but its inspired from realistic experiences.

It depends on you liking this genre of movies and having the patience to see them, if not you'll not like them. I've known of people who did not like 'Cast Away'.


Prasanna said...

Thavamai Thavam Irunthu : It should not be consider as a Movie. Its more than that. The persons who watch this movie will think of their parents sacrifices, if they forgot. We all should encourage Cheran for doing extremly good movies.

I am so proud to born in Cheran era.