Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pudupettai - Music

I heard Pudhupettai with a lot of expectations. Yeah ! Yeah ! You know how these kind of sentences end. Obviously in disappointment.

What was the expectation ? "pudhupettai" is a movie about the Local guys behaving as if they are Dadas. Director Selvaraghavan has already said that the movie is atomic explanation to the purity in these guys (?). He has said about the movie in Aandnda Vikatan. I wasnt able to digest his points.

It may not look exactly like this. But it sounded to me like "He wouldnt care to Kill a person. But he wouldnt dare to lie. He s a honest man, and in their gang, Nambikkai Drogam / Betrayal is the highest crime."

Yuk !! Killing a man has been taken this simple.. ?
Whatever.... coming back to music.

With that kind of local story, why is a huge orchestra playing western Classical themes.... ???
I was hearing and thinking "What the heck...?" All songs (except two) are unconventional. And not worth listening again. (or may be, its early to say that).

Kamalhaasan has sung a song. "Neruppu Vaayinil Oramai Eriyum". His voice is mighty-flexible. And thats my pick of the album. Lyrics are note-worthy.

Idhu Azhiththal Velai !
Indha Ulagin Thevai !!
Adhai Naangal Seithaaal
Oor dhaan Vanagnumaa ?

Kaatril Kanigal Vizhugindra varaikkum
Kaathirukkadhe !! Kalladi kidaikkum !

I said note-worthy !! Not *good*.

There's another song - "Oru Naalil" - It has two versions. Both are *not* sung well. Music is good. Guys, stop thinking a casual voice can make good music. Is that Dhanush singing that song.. not sure !!

There is a song called "Selling Dope !". For that we have a Beautiful Orchestra playing some Mozart like number.. the music may be good.. im not good at judging these kind of music.. But for the theme mentioned, the music is ABATHTHATHIN UCHCHAM. But probably if Selvaraghavan had fused it with the movie well, it will be appreciated well.

"Padichcha Naye Kitte varadhey !!" - i dont know how this song is there fixed in the movie. But sounds awkward.
Few more Theme songs in the album... simply leave me uninterested.

"Over Scene Udambukku aagadhu !"

[BTW - Some other movie called Agaram has also released its audio. YSR there too. Not good either]


Prabu Karthik said...

>>All songs (except two) are unconventional.

i liked it precisely for that.

And to me its defintely worth listening.

With tracks like these, a *lot* depends on the director. it remains to be seen how he has conceived it etc.

parpome selvaraghavan sarukku evlo nu !

chidambaram said...

i read your blog with disappointment after hearing puthupetai. I had thoughts just same as you. Anyhow, let see how songs are fit into the film. May be good after watching with video

Adaengappa !! said...

Kadhai/songs spun around a Rowdy-adhukku in b/w english rap interludes and symphony-orchestra type isai !! Its kinda Fast Forward type now,but who knows if the music gels along with the story..wait till its released !

Jeevan said...

i will give a try for Puthupatai songs, pakkalam YSR ennathan paniirukurarunu.

Filbert said...

Agree with Prabhu Karthik. We probably have to wait until the movie gets released before passing on such judgements. I personally felt that every song oozes with a quality not seen in TFM very often. The usage of instruments in particular has just been mind-blowing. To me, the album of the year in TFM.

keerthi said...

pk, padam vandhadhum paarpom. eppadi sync aagudhunnu.

chidambaram, might be good on video. lets see. But imagine the mindset of the people who bought the cassette to hear a kuthu song.

prabhu, adhaan sonnen "Over scene Udambukku aagadhu." :D

jeevan, oh !innum pannalaya..

filbert, waw !! Why not Kanda Naal Mudhal ?

Anand Prabhu said...

keerthi... usually Yuvan/Selvaragavan filmsla the songs convey the mood of the scence.. i guess the themes would sound meaningful with the movie..

The Oru Naalil (slow one) song had a wonderful orchestration.. dont miss the amazing violin piece..

Kamal's song is rocking....

Anonymous said...

selveraghvan is no ordinary director. this movie made for international viewers.i find the people here giving opinions without knowing the ethics of reviwing film music.i have not heard such a brilliant work of instruments before in tamil music.its really hard mr anand said the music along with the video will give real emotions to the scene. thats what film music is all about. its not just listening and dancing for that case the music really fits in.this movie can make us proud of ourselves.cant understand what am saying, is it? wait and find it out yourselves.

Anonymous said...

music not good ?...

stop writing reviews man.

Do you know anything about music?

no ethics at all.