Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Squidoo !

Squidoo is a very bad name to a very good service. :) Thanks to Mukund for referring.

This is one place , where you can make/post articles (Modules as they say) on topics that you are an Expert on. I wanted to post on Mainframes, but I wasnt that good to be an expert. So, droppped it off. Then I realized I wasnt an expert at anything. Damn.

I hate anything that exposes me to myself, in a otherwise way !

But yet i wanted to write something on the Squidoo, and came up with this Topic

"Ishta Mithra Bandhukkal". Meaning Desired Friends and Relatives.

Here's what I wrote there.

Of all the things that define a man, His relationships with fellow humans is what would attribute him the most. It is by all means, delicate to hold a relationship in equilibrium, and more than 90% of the people have their destiny afftected because of this.

The Title of this Lens - Ishta Mithra Bandhukkal is a common word you can find in any Tamil wedding invitation. "Ishta" - Desire. "Mithra" - Friend. "Bandhukkal" - Blood Relatives. So, it means Desired Friends and Blood relatives.

This lens considers the Friendship as a Relationship (I have seen people differentiate them). However they are a little different in the way they work.

Let us discuss and try and explore the possibility of having a relationship, with Quality.

Indian Relationships

That is all i know about, heh !
India, as I understand is viewed as an Icon for holding rich culture and heritage. Besides that, it is also popular for having Complex relationships, weaved into the skin and blood of every Indian. Complex because of Magnitude. Let us for time being, remove the Friendship from Relationship. Talk of Relatives and Blood relatives. Religion plays a major part in Relationships.

Blood relatives are those to whom we are related to, by birth. But Intimate relatives, are people who are lost a few decades ago. Or atleast thats what we think !

Will write more there. :) I want it made like a research ! Research of Relationships.

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