Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Whats 2005 for me?

2005 was not as good as 2004. Read This... My 2004 Accomplishments.

This year began with recovery and has ended up with some good spirit - to me.

It didnt change my Job... (though it should have... remember the decision ?)... It didnt change my EMIs :) But It changed my mornings. Though I started my blog last year, 2005 was effectively when I did some sensible work (nenappu dhaan..).

It changed my mornings, because 2 AM to 8 AM broadband is free. Lots of downloads that keep my rest of the day happy.

2005 gave me very importantly, Good Friends.

Adengappa Prabhu, Srivatsan Murali, Prabu Karthik, Narayanan Venkittu, Sri. Narayanan, Iyengarkatz, Lazy, Chakra and Mukundan (and him mom and dad too). Without blogging, I wouldnt have got them...

I particularly enjoy conversations with Prabu Karthik and Mukundan. Yesterday, me and PK caught hold of each others shirt, and rolling over and fighting . It was a arguement/discussion /research on relationsips. It is serious pleasure to talk with PK. Very sensible :) .. Mukundan, gives an entirely new perspective, when I tell him that. You need to be blessed to be in this company. I enjoy it.

Work was pleasure in 2005. I learnt Assembler, and started working on it. Wow ! Its a real thrill to work on development projects in Assembler. Last few weeks of December was more than Hectic and fun. I was doing something like "Celebrate Work" (its the Tagline of CTS).

All the more, in every aspect.. 2005 was a no-problem, trouble free, painless, limited pleasured, Very Normal year, for me.

Cant let it happen in 2006.

Coming Up !! Top Ten 2005 (Idhu onnu dhaan koraichal).


Adaengappa !! said...

2006-la kalyanam nu sollungo !

Wish u all the best in the new year and years to come !!
God Bless U :-)

thennavan said...

"Mukundan, gives an entirely new perspective, when I tell him that. You need to be blessed to be in this company. I enjoy it."

James Bond style-le sollanumnaa, "the pleasure is mine" Keerthi :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

Let 2006 too be a no-problem, trouble free, painless year for you!

Prabu Karthik said...

>>PK. Very sensible :)

ivlo sandai pottum kadasile ipdi sollitiye :))

danks man. its my pleasure to:)

And let this New Year bring greater joys and glories to you and your family:)

keerthi said...

Prabhu, Kalyanamaa ? Ungalukku, Thennavanukku, PK kku aanapprom dhaan enakku !! :(

mukund, :) Boost Kapil Dev style - "Our Pleasure !!"

chakra, Thanks a ton for your wishes. I wish it happens that way.

pk, neenga badhilukku thiruppi solluveengannu edhipaarthen. Che ! romba mosam neenga ! And thanks for the wishes.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for accepting me as your friend Keerthi...Its the same feeling here.!!

Thanks to blogs..I have also got some good friends..!!

Great to know that 2005 was a great year for you. I wish you more happiness/prosperity in this new year.!!

keerthi said...

venkittu sir, :) Your blog friends are a huge list. You got them, because you are a good man Sir.