Saturday, December 10, 2005

You've got Yahoo New !

Yahoo ! threw a sweet surprise today morning. It asked me if Iam willing to use Beta !! (I guess most of you were asked already). Why on earth would i click on "No. Thanks !" ? So, I got the new Yahoo ! Beta. This is super cool feature packed , clean designed, Tabbed (!) and most of all MS-Outlook like eMail application/web page.

Click the picture for a bigger one, and come back here.
Did you see everything ? Well, you sure missed the "All RSS Feeds" Link. Check it again.. Yeah. thats right. Super feature.

Did you see the Tabs on the Top ? This is even cool. Im sure Outlook will incorporate a lot from Yahoo !, from now.

The Flash advertisement that was a complete irritation for long onYahoo mail. Now thats given a separate frame, and remains Quiet. It wont disturb you anymore.

This wont however replace my GMail Interest. But always remember, even in my earlier post , This is the Quote we are enjoying. "Uuru Rendu Patta Koothadikku Kondattam.. Koothadinga rendu patta Uurukku kondaattam."



Here's a way you can save your favourite posts. On the new Yahoo ! Mail Beta, you can actually drag and drop your posts, which you have added through RSS Feeds (Which ,Kiruba says ,has been added on Google, but doesnt appear on mine.. May be they still havent given all the users that).

And I love the GUI, which gets added beauty, when you drag and drop.

I felt myself strange, when I unsubscribed to all the useless subscriptions filling my mail-box ever since using Yahoo ! Mail Beta from morning.

Am I switching to Yahoo ! Mail ?? Google, please do something fast. :)


Ranganathan St. said...

First question, Does it work in Firefox? bleddy Hotmail beta does'nt work in any non-IE browser.

One thing that was good out of this AJAX-ification is the ease of checking existing mails. Keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop were the most welcome features.

I like Gmail just for one main feature, conversation threading. Any biggie that integrates that feature with this outlook thingy would win my heart (which is not going to happen in the near future).

That RSS feeds in Gmail is really bad, it shows some 2 day old posts instead of the most recent one (heck then whats the point in using it).

BTW does Yahoo allow OPML import of feeds, otherwise it would be a pain to add all the feeds from an offline feed reader.

That post drag-drop looks interesting, got to get my hand on it someday. Donno how long Yahoo's gonna be 'giddying up' for me ;-)


Ranganathan St. said...

Forgot to include this: Infact this whole Outlook like webmail thing is inspired from the webmail plugin of Outlook and this is not a concept that Yahoo invented. This was originally provided by Oddpost and Yahoo acquired them in 2003/2004.

Sorry about the second post.


keerthi said...

narayanan, Yahoo Mail Beta works on Firefox, very well. Conversation threading is something i adore too in GMail. And Sorry mate.. no OPML. Its another manual pain. And yes, i read about the Oddpost acquisition as well. Google Keyhole, Picassa acquire pannina kadhai dhaan.

Prasad said...

ROTFL on your comment 'outlook will now incorporate a lot from Yahoo!' - even after seeing their (yahoo's) new interface ?

btw, conversation view is NOT something google invented.. its been in Outlook since god knows when.. (go to view->arrange by and select 'by conversation')

gmail was just the first web based version of an old idea.

btw, new hotmail simply rocks! and believe me, it will work with firefox too!

Chakra Sampath said...

yahoo asked me the same question and i said yes.. but it took me to the same old page... i looked around to see whether there are any new features and couldn't find any. i was thinking what the **ck.

keerthi said...

prasad, New Hotmail - are you talking about Kahuna ?

chakra, whoops !! are you using browser better than IE 5.1 ?

Ranganathan St. said...

conversation based email is there but the threading is haywire. It tends to categorize based on the subject line and not on the combo of that particular thread and subject title. Morover its the presentation in Gmail that won hearts.

yep keerthi, Hotmail beta = Kahuna (until Oct 31) = Mail live (after Nov 1).