Thursday, January 26, 2006

Athithi Devo Bhava !

Incredible India is run by the Ministry of Tourism, India. They operate a lots of Package trips around the country and they are the one that seriously promote Tourism to India.

In their Promotions, most of them around the Taj Mahal, there's been a slight change.

They have begun a campaign - "Athithi Devo Bhava" - meaning Guest is God.

It is the verse in the Taittiriya Upanishad that says "Matru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava, Atithi devo bhava". Means One should worship Mom, Dad, Teacher and Guests as God. (we are a sick generation who have started hating all the four of them).

The Video of Incredible India is very good, and worth watching for One Yoga stunt performed at the very end of this video, when someone sounding like Shankar Mahadevan sings "Athithi Devo Bhava".

Watch it Here .

Am going on a trip to CBE tonight. Am not sure what I will do there. Five of us. No plans. Anything good in Coimbatore ? I've asked PK, the CBE man for some suggestions. Lets see.


Adaengappa !! said...

Cool Video...

Keerthi,Neenga pondicherry pona ange enna kedaikumnu solven..I dunno abt CBE..anyways..Enjoy ur weekend trip :-)

thennavan said...

Enjoy your trip Keerthi :-) (there is always Ooty :-)).

chidambaram said...

Keerthi, Welcome to Namma area!
There are few places other than ooty.
Maruthamalai Temple (15km from cbe)
Vaalparai (80 km)
Alliyar dam, Monkey Falls, Famous Arivuthiru Kovil (Vethathiri Maharishi Ashram)- all at on the way to Vaalparai.
And very Near to my town (Udumalpet -60 km from CBe), there are
Thirumurthy Hills, Amaravathy Dam
Munnar ( 90 Kms from my House!!). You can dial me. I am ready to help to reach out places around me
Happy Journey!

Me too said...

Wow! Very nice Video! Before the outsiders let us also explore our country! Ensoy your CBE trip! Me too will be visiting CBE the next trip home!

keerthi said...

prabhu, next stop Pondicherry dhaan. Thanks :)

thennavan, thanks. Im back now.. it was a wonderful trip.

chidambaram, Whaw ! I saw this after i came back.. I missed your inputs, man.. But the places i covered were, Dhyanalingam, Siruvani falls, Marudhamalai and Panchamuga Anjaneyar temple... Then, Eechanari pillayar, Mahalakshmi temple, Top Slip, Parambikulam Dam, Earth Dam, Aazhiyar Koil and Aazhiyar Dam. Twas great fun. I will take a note of your number... i will want to come back again.. :)

aparna, thanks. Read previous comment, and Chidambaram's comment. Thats the whole lot of places you will need to cover.. beeetiful place.

Vijay said...

Have sent you an email on this post! Do check out!!