Sunday, January 01, 2006

Avyukta Awards !

BEST SINGER 2005 - SP Balasubramainam (For Thazhuvudhu Nazhuvudhu....)

Thanks to Rahman for not making Udit Narayanan sing "taluvudu naluvudu"....

BEST MINISTER 2005 - Dayanidhimaran (For Dataone and upcoming All India Local)

Ignore the political back up... Not a single person can Come from Zero to this point, where this man has reached. I wish, he takes some other ministry soon. He can do better anywhere.

MOST POWERFULMAN 2005 - Shri. Gagan Deep Singh Bedi, IAS(For Administration)

The use of power is known when you use it. This Cuddlore Collector will never be forgotten. He is a good man.
(Know your collectors here)

BEST ENTERTAINER 2005 - Yuvan Shankar Raja (For Surplus Music)

Forget opportunities. YSR Proved good in a lots of movies. Varied Styles... kalakkittaaruppa !

BEST APPLICATION 2005 - Google Talk (For Simplicity and Stuffs)

Text Chat and that Blue emoticons.. wow ! And talk about the voice calls. wow wow !

BEST EVENT 2005 - Bihar Elections (For Sabha Vimochanam)

Bihar is atlast away from the Clutches of Shri Laloo Prasad Yadhav


Krithiga said...

Bihar elections thankfully didn't add on to the disasters of 2005. GTalk rocks!

Bala (Karthik) said...

Happy New Year Keerthi!

Jeevan said...

Nice awards Friend. Gagan Deep Singh Bedi is ok, u have left Radhakrishnan, collector of Nagapatnam.

Nithya Swaminathan said...

happy new yr keerthi..:)

keerthi said...

krithika, yes. But Bihar is still Bihar... did you read news yesterday.. very sad. hmm.

bala, Thanks a lot Thozhare !!

jeevan, Yes. Radha Krishnan was helping out Tsunami victims in a great way.. you are right.

nithya, Thanks :) I wish you the same.