Sunday, January 08, 2006

Character Slaves

The author has decided to finish the story in 2 minutes. He has forgotten that he put the hero Jayan inside a room and locked it. Somehow, a lot of events got into his mind after locking the hero, and hence he had moved all the other characters out to a different location. Jayan was there all alone, worried about the author. He has done this to Devi in the last story. Devi, however was a bad character, and she deserved a bad end. So, the author had sentenced her, by placing her in the middle of the railway-track and left her there unmoved, and forgot her in the rest of the story.

Saroja was the heroine, and she was now travelling on the car towards the place, where the author had decided the climax. The author was covering the speed of the car, and the villain group following behind. Saroja's heart was beating for Jayan. She wasnt actually loving him, but the author had forced her to. Jayan was seduced by Devi, in the previous story. This story, the author had made Jayan to run at the back of Saroja, make desparte attempts. She liked the way Jayan approached her. Although Jayan did not. He was just moving to the wishes of the author.

Right now the climax is happpening.. But Jayan hadnt made a move, or taken effort to break out of the room. He cant do that, until the author pens something about. He was waiting for the word, "Meanwhile, Jayan..." somewhere. He found the author, writing very very fast and could sense the story is moving towards the conclusion.

Is it going to be that way ?? A story cannot end without the Hero's knowledge. If thats happening so, the union of the Hero and Heroine is not being written, or atleast not yet. So, is the author going to kill her ? Kill Saroja ? Oh no !! that cant be.. The last word written was "Police-sirens". That is good.. thank god, someone will be there to save Saroja.... Jayan prayed for a moment.

"Saroja was dying in front of everyone, with no one to help her. She was happy that Anand and his group were arrested, atlast for all they have done to her family. She fell on the floor. Blood all around her. She thought of Jayan for a minute.. he wont have trouble anymore from the Anand group."..

What ?? Story ended ?? Thats absurd.. Jayan thought. He cant leave me here. In this locked room. Cmon.... He hated this life, doing things that the author wanted, always.

The author was satisfied. He has somehow safeguarded Jayan, and kept him alive for his next story. That will have a new heroine. The audience would all praise him for a contemporary story, unlike all stories where the Hero and Heroine unite in the last scene.

Jayan - "Pongada !! neengalum.. unga pudalanga ....."

The author with all his pride, wrote the last line of the text.

"End of Part IV"

Jayan wanted to faint off. But he couldnt.


Adaengappa !! said...

Yo..Am looking for a story writer for a meeeeeeeeeggaaaaaaa serial ! U ready ?

thennavan said...

Prabhu, adhaan naanum suggest pannalaamnu vanden. Keerthi's stories seem to have some touch of Balachandar and some touch of Jayakanthan in them. Am I right Keerthi?


revatechnic said...

i agree with you thennavan... with his charachterisations... but keerthi has something more..
the xfactor to make meeeeggggaaaaa serials..
am i right?