Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chennai is now Open !

Here's something I missed. Day 2 of Chennai Open invited me with a Ticket through Saurabh Deshpande. I accepted the invite and couldnt make it because of a few official meetings and work. Damn. I hate missing commitments.

Thankfully Saurabh is another blogger, who has posted on the event that he witnessed. (He's asked me a fine of the ticket price for not accompanying... phew !).

People in Chennai, think we can get our time open for this event... Im planning to go somtime this weekend. Chennai Open is getting hit for the past few years. Way to go !! Its good to see Chennai people watch something other than Cricket match.

But I like cricket better than Tennis... emotions are lesser here in tennis.. Saurav Sattaya kazhatti suththina madhiri emotions... The emotions when the Pakistan wicket falls down... The emotions when Mc Graw is sent for a four in the opening over.... Cricket Cricket dhaan.


thennavan said...

Chennai is never closed. It is always open, warm and inviting :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Looks Interesting Keerthi. Would like to atleast step into this beautiful stadium.!!

Looks like you are a die-hard India fan.!! in Cricket. Sorry not me....thanks to the BCCI...for selecting Parthiv Patel and Sourav.!!

Tennis is good and should be encouraged in India. We need a good alternative. Glad to see Sania and other young boys and girls shine.!!

Atleast to take a few pictures..please visit and post about the infracstructure in the stadium. Will you please??

PS - I'll re-imburse you for the tickets when I come to Madras. :)

keerthi said...

thennavan, :) Of course it is.. for the amount of rain.. i think we should close it a bit :)

venkittu sir, Yes Sir. Sure will post up pictures.. And thanks for the Reimbursement. Does the reimbursement cover the Digital Camera also ? :P

Prabu Karthik said...

annathey nama saturday evening or sunday polaama?
match photo eduka viuduvaana nu parpom:)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

:) Sorry.!! Only tickets will be reimbursed.!

keerthi said...

PK, polam. Photos allowednu ninaikkiren. Inikku officela discuss pannuvom.. :D

venkittu sir, kavuthutteengale :)

susubala said...

Its a mad emotion for those people who are addicted to Cricket. Its almost 80% in this world !

Tennis & Badmindton can be watched without much of nervousness, I dont know why ?

keerthi said...

sumathi, it is ok to be emotional like that. nothing wrong.. tennis ellam Galeeju ma.. Cricketla Tendulkar ballla Shahid Afridi out aana Murugan Kamsanai konnadhukku samam - The Soorasamharam. As rightly said by many, Cricket is a religion in India. (But Ganguly is no more God.)

arunchakkravarthy said...

ivan ljubicic is the hero this time. he won the chennai open beating moya.