Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chicken Very Little

Happened to watch Chicken Little in the middle of the work-day.

To comment on the movie in
One word - Cute.
Two words - Not Interesting.
Three words - Thats about it.

I learnt that "Chicken Little" is Disney's full length animation without Pixar, after a long time, and it clearly showed up. After being a fan of almost all the Chars made by Pixar, Disney's Chicken Little fails to leave a mark like "Mike Wazowski" did.

Mickey & Donald, Snow White, Tom and Jerry were all cute and good looking. But now after Ice Age, Monster's Inc, Bugs Life, Finding Nemo, Toy Story.... i think we have added emotions to animations, and They rock.

If Pixar is the only reason Chicken Little fails to make an impression, then Disney better reworks relationships.


revatechnic said...

கோழி சிறிசா இருந்தாலூம், காரம் பெருசா இருக்கனும்...

Krithiga said...

Shrek, from Dreamworks is one of the best animated films ever. Shrek 2 is my pick. I can watch shrek 2 on almost any day of the week. Hilarious. And all the characters leave a huge impact - in the sense that I was beginning to talk like them. (Esp. Donkey)

keerthi said...

revathi, Kaarama ? Me vegetarian.. you know !!

krithika, Shrek - Yes. twas a good one i missed on the list. But have you seen Wazowski ?