Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hold Your Head High !

As a school kid in a elocution competition :

"I will be a loyal and faithful citizen to My country. I shall not betray it at any point of time. I will struggle hard to bring good name to the country. I will not be like evading the country with Taxes. I will pay them regularly. "

And today as a Software Engineer :

"Invest Rs....... here.. Invest Rs..... there. Why should I pay tax... ? Indian Government will somehow get the taxes from me, everywhere and every form. You cant call me a traitor.. Im just investing.. and saving for my future. "

My Charted Accountant friend used to say... "Pay the tax da... onnum koranju poyida maatte.... You will also feel proud that you did something to the country....

Or was all that, you spoke in the elocution competition , just words.. You didnt mean them ?"


Jam said...

Hey Keerthi,

Just coz you invest wisely to 'minimise' taxes doesn't mean that you are 'evading' taxes. There's a huge difference between these two terms. While minimisation is allowed, evasion is illegal. So go ahead and invest without feeling guilty about it.


keerthi said...

Jam, er.. right. Minimisation is allowed, but why ? You will know the crazy story when we invest.. and work around.. all ends up the same. Let us say we invest 20000 to save 6000 tax. But its ok, if we pay directly Rs. 6000 tax, and keep the 12000 in hand. Nyways.. we are all confused when it comes to taxes.