Monday, January 02, 2006

How to show affection ?

I was in Tirupathi, long back and the following is a real incident.

I stood outside the premises after 7 long hours of wait , 3 seconds darshan and 2 small Laddus. We had gone through the ASRTC, and hence were waiting for the rest of the gang. From the place i was standing, i could see a wide angle. From that end of the Padma Klam to this end, where the Sudharshana entrance is. Lots of Mottais. And Occasionally, TTD workers carrying large plates of Laddus. The smell of Pure ghee in the air will take you to heavens. Only God can create a smell like that. Not Humans.

Thats when a small disturbance was under creation. A couple, who have just had a mottai, were standing a few meteres away from me. They were beginning to search. Search what ? Probably their Kid... thats what it should logically be. "Ballu".. the man shouted, looking here and there. His eyes were browsing through the ground. Should be a kid. The Lady knelt down and looked across hundreds of pairs of legs.

I showed that to my dad, who was already seeing them. We both looked at the surrounding to see if theres a kid who is alone and crying.. The search became vigorous. A few more people who heard the shouting "BALLU" from the man, cared and stopped.. and began looking. I shouted too... "Ballu...". The Man looked at me, I smiled.. Damn. I shouldnt have done that. The search continued. I swear, a place like that is not somewhere you want to loose and find something. Though the crowd was normal, it seemed to me, as if it was growing, with the vigour of search increasing.

By now, atleast 20 people were searching. The lady was in tears. Was saynig a few telugu words.. should be Telugu version of Oppari. The man's voice was close to crying. My heart felt bad, everytime i heard him shout. The sound was coated with desparate hope.

Then I saw a kid at some corner, close to a shop selling pictures of Perumal. I wasnt the only one.. I found another person walking towards him. he knelt down at the kid. He should be asking his name... he then turned back, dragging the kid towards the man.

This lightened the situation. or, thats what i thought.

The man, saw the other kid first and thought of running towards... but then saw that one of the searchers were bringing the kid to him... '"Balluuuu" he shouted... The lady shivered and looked at the same direction. The kid was also crying, i didnt realize from when.

The mom (i guess) took the kid in her arms and kissed it. The man came closer and

"PALLAAAAR !" - A thunder slap went it to the little kids face. The Kid shouted at the pitch of his voice and broke into tears... Kadhari Kadhari, vicki vicki azhudhadhu !!

I didnt expect this. Most of us didnt. But thought it was normal for Indian emotions. And we all dispersed in our directions.

To me, I have carried this scene, which is approximately 3 years older, till now. What do you think about the reaction ?


Gowri Sankar said...

Keerthi... this reminds me of the slap I received from my father when I was in Class VIII. Myself and my father went to receive a relative in Chennai Central.. Being a railfan at that age, I ventured out to look at the loco without informing my father.. when I was not near my father.. he sensed that I would be near the loco.. he came near the loco.. all I could see is his right hand coming towards my left cheek.. palaaar... another blow to my back.. I think any father will definetely give a spl. treatment like this once he finds his missing son.. its natural..

Adaengappa !! said...

Thats true..
adiku udavara maadiri..nothing works..inge intha maadiri edavathu aachuna child abuse phone pannina ..avalo thaan !

for sure..spare the rod, spoil the child kathai thaan inge...

Nammala adichu udhaichu valarkarathu naala thaan naama uruputtom enpathu en karuthu !

Btw,i abhor corporal punishments in schools,as teachers have no right to treat their students like that !

Prabu Karthik said...

hmm. nama oorile idhellam sagajam dhaan nu ninaikiren.very common.

>>spare the rod spoil the child

apdinna ella children um urupatrikanumey. At least in india?
is that so?

Arnab said...

"I swear, a place like that is not somewhere you want to loose and find something." - Agreed, wish you were a little more critical about the fact that TTD gears up when a celebrity like Big 'B' offers his prayers and on any other day they manage a million devotees with no extra heed.

Fact remains in India population is our strength and at the same time it is our biggest weakness too.

Bala (Karthik) said...

Tell you what, i witessed a VERY similar incident. Replace the place with Haaji Ali Mosque (Mumbai), and the slapper was the mother. The rest is the same, including human emotions :)

revatechnic said...

adikkira kaithaan anaikkum...
so remind me of how my mum treats me.

Anonymous said...

keerthi said...

Gowri, heheh !! was a good incident you spotted :) you are right.. its natural.

prabhu, correct dhaan. Kandippu illamma valarra kozhandhai, kandippa veena poyidum !! (ada !)

pk, appa edhukkaga adikkaraar ? ippdi kaanama ponaal adichcha, next time when he is in crowd, he wont leave the company of his father. But appa, TASMAC poga solli adichcha, endha kuzhandhai uruppudum ?

arnab, strength ? in what ways ?

bala, :) is it right to be like that ?

revathi, adada !! appo semma adi vaangi irukkenga !! hmm

Bart said...
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Bart said...

When I was 5 yrs old, My parents took me to a theatre in Mettur and yes, I was missing. They searched everywhere and thought of complaining to Police. Then someone told them that he saw a kid moving inside the theatre. There I was, sitting in the usual seat where we do, when we go to that theatre :) I didn't get any slap but that event still is being recounted to exemplify "vilayum payir.." in my family circles.

daZ said...

Palaar!!! - My bro got it too... He walked out of our home from his sleep and when he was found, Palaar.. from my dad. Am a dad today, and will do if god forbid it happens to me too. Itz men's way to vent out.