Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kavi Kamalhaasan

Thanks a ton to

They got a few collections of photos and factoids about Kamalhaasan. (read on a comment on Lazygeek).

This Kavidhai from Mr. Kamal is a real food for thought. Dont you think.

I always think parenting is the most critical job. There used to be a Quote "Tell me who your friend is.. I will tell you who you are..". Similarly I think this way.

"Tell me who your parents are, and I shall tell you, why you failed".

Dont want to trouble you much on a monday morning, but give the Kavidhai a deep read, and think about it. If you are going to be a parent, and you want your son/daughter to succeed.. it purely depends on how you will act and react.

Just dont do too much of anything.


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Adaengappa !! said...

....thats too touching..seems his personal views/life reflected...

revatechnic said...

kamal's poems often have a cetain style, and hint of upper handedness in his poems.
His urge to show his multi-talents are often potrayed in his poems, especially with the use of words that are not in daily use. He often tries to break the conventions of poetry.. this looks more like a prose to me.
Something to think about.

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Kavidha, kavidha.... padi..."

Zero said...

I wish the makers of "Thavamai Thavamirundhu" read this!

WA said...

I've always considered that its God given right to me as a mother to mess up my son's life (always in the name of doing the right thing for him):D Nice to see someone else agreeing with me :)

Me too said...

Thanks for the link!!
About parenting, one of my relative commented recently, 'ippallaam romba dhaan panra pa, kozhandha, kozhandhannu! Andha kaalathule saaptiya, thoonginiyannu kooda kettadhille'!!

keerthi said...

prabhu, personal touchnaala , its more special.

revathi, most of the Pudhukkavidhai specialists try using uncommon words. thats ok..

bala, abaaram.

zero, :)

uma, good luck to your son !! God given right ?? Vaazga Valamudan !!

aparna, beetiful. This comment from your relative is really practical.

WA said...

Ellam un nalladhukku dhaan solrennnu solli dhaane namma parents ellam namala padutheenaanga, so me carrying on the tradition :D thats all, and I consider that as God given right. Correct dhaane :D

Venkat said...

Nice photoshopping work with the Poem. I saw the thing at the universalhero site. Your Hey Ram Kamal imprint is a touch of class and genius. It looks great and echoes the sentiments of the poems.
I've added you to my blog list at

I hope you do the same!

keerthi said...

uma, Vaasthavam dhaan. Romba correct. :)

venkat, thanks a lot for the appreciation. I think you are the only one who noticed. Im happy you did. Thanks for blogrolling.

Anonymous said...