Monday, January 30, 2006

Martyrdom Day

We must be the change we wish to see.
- Gandhi

This day some year, one man was killed.
But he made a difference in your life and my life.
He is the reason we stand and mourn for 1 minute, every damn year at 11 O Clock.
Yet, he is the reason, we can sit down if we dont like to mourn.


Usha said...

What a man! what a life!!
I have been paying homage to the great man in my mind all day today and wondering if anyone else is thinking of him.Do the children of today realise how much we owe toa single man?

Jeevan said...

let his soul rest in peace and bless our country to be peace.

Ram said...

I agree that he is great and initiated everything, but he also initiated another thing the partition which make us suffer till now.

keerthi said...

usha, children of today will realize. the future seems promising, and kids of today are much better than we are. surprisingly.

jeevan, Amen !

ram, it is enough if we look at just the greener side.. dont you think.

Ram said...

well, in this case it is right and it is better, agreed. But in some cases we need to know the other side too.