Friday, January 13, 2006

Pongal Feast !

All set for a hit. The movie is Full till next week, and this is the kind of opening Ajith wanted for the past few years.

Songs arent an attraction for Paramasivan, but the posters and hypes, and the Good-luck face of P.Vasu has given the movie a great booster even before release.

This should be rebirth for Ajith, and that should bring back his lost status on the fight with Vijay. Vijay's Aadhi also gets released today, and has literally turned on the Clash of the middle-super stars.

April 14 2005 had Chandramukhi and Mumbai Xpress, head on. Similarly Ajith and Vijay are going on for a head on this time. Whoever wins, tastes Glory. But if Ajith looses this, well, thats a mighty blow. Im sure Ajith would be on his prayer knees.

I hope Vijay's Aadhi is of some difference to his role. If Vijay doesnt switch roles and start playing different ones, there is no use of being in Acting. It is just doing the same tricks and printing money. Thats a useless job.

Simbhu's Saravana (KS Ravikumar's Direction) is up today. Jo looks awesome. She is getting better in every movie. Simbhu is another Star im ready to place my bets on. I only wish him more Good-luck and a lot of maturity on thoughts.

So its Simbhu Vs Ajith Vs Vijay. Happy Pongal to all the three of them.

UPDATE : (Thanks Prabhu) - AAthi is delayed by one day. Thats a Thalai-pongal for Ajith :)


revatechnic said...

Reminds me of Ajith's song in Attagasam..
"Deepavali thalai deepavali"
Anyway.. i think i am going to place my bet on simbhu this ajit, no vijay.

Adaengappa !! said...

hey,this news item says "adhi" is not being released today.
Guess thats a deal b/w ajith and vijay..
like Anniyan release was deferred a few days for the Chandramukhi..

revatechnic said...

aadhi is released..
i just went to watch it..
got a write-up about it at my blog, if you wanna know something about it before catching it.