Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pulavar Keeran !!

Many of you may not be aware of Pulavar Keeran. He is a Mayavaram Man. And he lived his life doing Upanyasams (Story Telling). I have had 2 chances of attending his Upanyasams, but that was when I was a kid. I didnt know the beauty of tamil then.

Now I realize how great this Man was. Story-telling is an art, as everyone would know. And he excelled in that with the power of his Language. His tamil fluency is something you can see in a very few people. His voice was an added advantage. When he starts "Villibaratham" you are already in his plot. And he drives you to ecstacy, describing stories in a way you'd have never heard before. It would be a pleasure to hear Dhuriyodhanan speak through Keeran. He speaks to Vithuran.. "Maamane ! Maamane !! Aivarukku nenjayum, engalidaththil Vayittrayum Vaithaaye !!! Poh !! ........ Poh !". You will feel like the voice is of Duriyodhanan himself. The expression and emotion in the voice is sophisticated Quality.

"Dhaayam Uruttalaanaal, Ange Saguni Vendru vittaaan !!" - The historical Dice game played by the Pandavas and Gauravas are described with high peak tension. And every throw of dice ends with that dialogue. There are more stories recited by him, that now exist on Tapes and CDs.

If you happen to own any MP3s of Pulavar Keeran, you know what to do :)

On similar grounds, Nagai Mukundan is a disciple of Pulavar Keeran and initially i thought he imitated Keeran. He has made a successful career too, with Bhakthi on a sudden-Surge in Tamilnadu.

Sad that I couldnt even find a picture of Pulavar keeran on the Net to post with. Someone has a photo ? we can showcase him.


KoldKadavr said...

Feliz navidad, goirl!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

How can I forget 'Dhaayam Urutaalanan..angu saguni vendru vittan' I think I had the cassettes in India.!! Keeran was amazing..!! Did he pass away?? Sad.!!!

I'll look for photos ...!

Chakra Sampath said...

I have heard Pulavar Keeran too. I have felt annoyed when my dad used to drag me for his upanyasams, without letting me see 'Oliyum Oliyum'. But man.. how majestically he would hold the audience in awe. Hats off to him.

keerthi said...

venkittu sir, Wow !! you've heard the magnetic voice.. Let me know when you get the photos.

chakra, Thats his power. Once you've given the ears, you wont like to get it back.

Sam said...

brought back memories. Pulavar Keeran has come to karaikudi few times during Rama Navami celebrations in the early seventies.
A private family used to arrange these upanyasams. There were no TV
in those days and my Dad used to let me go for his talks after 1 hr of study in the evenings. These were during my high school days. He was a person who stirred my interst in both tamil and religion.
I didn't know that there were audio cassettes out there of his speeches! He had a gruff, authoritative and mesmerizing voice
which was spellbinding and no other upasakar came close to that including Kirubananda Warrier. I wonder how I can let my daugter have the same experience! In his words Ramayana was not a story. It was an experience. I Thought that I would never say this - THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS! Thanks for the post.

keerthi said...

Sam, Lucky you ! You had experienced the rain. But you can still make your daughter listen to his Audio cassettes and also, a very similar Nagai Mukundan will fille you with almost similar content.

Karth said...

I recently listen to Pulavar Keeran discourses in the form of Cassettes. Pulavar Keeran knowledge of Tamil is ocean. I never heard anyone refer so many tamil literature. In his speeches he refer various very old tamil literatures, such as Thollcoppiam, Thirukkural etc for his historical events. I listend his THEIVA THIRUMANAGAL, in that discourses at Parvathy Kalaynam he refers about Lemuria Kingdom. Such knowledge person. I admire his tamil knowledge.

Srikanth said...

I was searching for details about pulavar keeran - nice blog. Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

I am Pulavar Keeran's grandson, Adhithyaa. I have heard lots of stories and I marvel his pure Tamil speech. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to imitate his fluent and emotional Tamil. Sadly, he expired before I was born and I say with sadness I did not get a chance to see him. He is truly a great man.

Anonymous said...

hi, Adhithyaa, it is great pleasure to hear that you are the grand son of Pulavar Sri Keeran. I am sreedharan, classmate of Mr. Thanigaimani, son of pulavar keeran. When I was studying in 4th standard, at Lalgudi, Mr thanigaimani was also studying in the same school at First cross Paramasivapuram. Please let me know his email id so as to enable me to contact him.

Anonymous said...

hi, Adhithyaa, I am from Malaysia. I am one of the most fortunate person who had the opportunity to closely associate with this great soul Pulavar Keeran. He used to visit Malaysia frequently to deliver upanyasams. I have heard almost all his upanyasams...Villi Baratham, Ramayanam, Vali thirumanam, Periapuranam,Tirukural and, many more. I have never seen another pulavar so far and I am almost certain not in my life who can match his skills and command in tamil. I have always viewed him as a walking encyclopedia of tamil literature.
It was always a joy to be around him, a very pleasant personality with high sense of humor and his wife is equally good in delivering upanyasams. I came from English medium school, Pulavar keeran’s speeches inspired me to learn Tamil and eventually major in Tamil literature. About 20 years ago there were several cassettes sold in the market bundled with PK’s upanyasams and he was receiving royalty from the sale. I purchased several of these packages. Recently, when I visited Chennai, I went to a shop called “Giri Trading” at Mayilapoor and they had two of his upanyasams in soft copy (Valli thirumanam & Sanibagawan) which I purchased immediately and uploaded in my iPot. His photo is also available in every cassette package that I have. Currently, I am traveling in Africa on business. When I return to Malaysia in a couple of months, I will try to post his photo in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi..Could you please let me know whether could we also now get his audio cassettes that cover all his discourse?

Srinivasan Ramamoorthy said...

Hi All

I had heard Pulavar Keeran's excellent discourses during my school days. They include Villibharatham and Kambaramayanam. Couple of years back, I had a fortunate chance of speaking to Mrs.Keeran - who is incidentally my mom's class mate in Mayavaram Girls High school. When I was speaking to Mrs.Keeran, she was mentioning there are audio cassettes in US & not sure about the plans power of digitizing / releasing etc.

The Villibharatham cassettes are available in market - but they are edited and abridged. Cannot match the live one delivered by the Genius - Amazing memory power, Stunning presence of mind and highly captivating.

Thanks for this opportunity to interact.

Srinivasan R

Unknown said...

Hi aditya,
I am a class mate of selvamani son of Mr.Keeran in vivekanada vidyalaya chromepet. Trying to connect him can you pass on any info where to reach him

Unknown said...

I want about thiruvasagam speech.Ir was happened at Australia temple program.very very tremendous speech.