Monday, January 09, 2006

Today 7.00 PM. Greams Road. Mixed Fruit flavoured Traffic Jam.

Heavy Sirens of Apollo Hospital Ambulance. The left side on which it has to go is filled completely. So the driver goes beyond the lane and is travelling on the right side.

The people coming in the opposite direction leave way. They have mixed feelings.

Thats when I saw this. A few bikers next to me, followed the ambulance. They enjoyed the comfort of following a High-siren blowing Ambulance. They had no one to stop. They easily escaped the signal.

I was standing and wondering. "Should I have done that !"

What would you have done ? Be Practical , or be Emotional.


Adaengappa !! said...

WHAT THE HELL ??This is ridiculous..

Keerthi, You should have stayed for next green signal..!

Idhukku ellam Rules Ramanujam-a varamudiyum ? Ellam common sense vendum..

Idhe maadiri velinaatla panna mudiyuma ?its the same you/me who adheres to the rules of a foreign land..But Y not in India ??

aki said...

well i didnt understand wat aden said for obvious reasons.
but come to think of it, i probably wud have stayed on for the green light. i mean wats the hurry and y risk somebody's life when there was always a choice. as they say, its all about the choices one makes in life..
nice blog btw.

WA said...

I would have waited for the green light, definitely

Dubukku said...

I definitely would have waited. £100 fine-um license la 3 pointum ehiridum.

jokes apart even otherwise I would have stayed behind the signal.

keerthi said...

Good then, everyone wanted to stay on for the green light. I did the same. But i was just confused to decide. Thanks to prabhu, he made me clear.

Bala (Karthik) said...