Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Untitled Emotions

Mary Elizabeth is crying. She had just come back from the hospital. Her husband is there, in room No. 304. Multiple fracture, day before yesterday. After two days of staying in the hospital, and after Doctors examined the X-Rays after the surgery, she left few of his friends in the hospital, and had come home for packing a few of her dress and make some calls. He will be admitted for 3 more days.

Mary's been married to him for just 8 months. Antony Prakash works for a MNC at a very good position. He must have made very good relationship with his friends. Otherwise 20 people wont turn up on the Accident night, and offer money and blood.

Mary packed a bag. One lungi and a t-shirt, which he might need on the discharge day. Some sarees for her. Some books. She took her cellular phone. It was about to loose charge, and display showed 34 missed calls. She had forgotten to take her cell, when she was rushing to the hospital on hearing the news. Actually, she had forgotten everything.

She was locking the doors. She wont come back for another 3 days. She checked up everything... She felt tired. She's been very much upset, emotionally. She wanted to break free. Thats why she cried. Now, she sat on the sofa, and tried to relieve her mind a bit.

She was staring at the phone. Should she, or should she not. She started dialling a number, which she has not dialled for the past nine months.


"Hello.. Amma ! naan lalitha paesaren".


"Hello.. ! hello ! amma !! hello !"

The other end was already cut. She knew this would be the behaviour. Though she was prepared for it, she couldnt control herself. She fell back to crying. She ate a few minutes in that. She then started dialling again. It was a different number this time.

"Hallo !"

"Hello, mama ?"

"Lalli ? epppdimma irukke... Yesunadhar eppadi irukkar..."

Mary felt a little relaxed, now. It was her uncle, the only supporting man on her side of the family.

"mama.. avarukku accident aayiduthhu !"... all the flash cards came on a whiz and showed up in front of her.. her voice broke to crying.

After a few more conversations, she hung up the phone. It is always good to have a listener. Somone who would give you their ears to flush your problems into. Her mind was relaxed.

She went to her room, and took the photo of Ekambareshwarar from under the clothes. Ekambareshwarar was her Ex-family's God. Any problems in the family used to be directly escalated to him, and One Archanai and a Sidharu Thengai will kill the problem forever.

She could only pray now, from inside her bedroom.


Mary's uncle was then in her parents home. He told them about the accident to Antony Prakash. They were confused, as to how to react. Silence was a better alternative and they chose it. They both have cursed Antony Prakash, for eloping with their daughter. Was this because of their curse.

Mama tried convincing them to go to the hospital, and give him or atleast their daughter a visit.

"Raatchasi.. Ava mugathile naan muzhikkave maatten.. Ava seththalum sari.."

That ignited more words. An avalanche of them, pushed the mama out of the house.


Mama was in Room No. 304. After a few words with him, they both came out of the room. Mary whispered...

"Ava varalaya ? "

"varamaattaa... ummela innum kovamathan irukka.. "


Mary's mom was in the temple, in Ekambareshwarar Sannidhi.

"Yaar perukku mami, archanai ?" the kurukkal asked.

"Prakash.... Anusha nakshathram".

Ekambareswarar smiled.



iyengarkatz said...


nice one....keep those creative thought processes alive....


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Nice start keerthi.

Title can be MARY ELIZABETH!

Waiting to

Nallavan said...


Deepa said...

Good... guess must be some love marriage lalitha to mary... all the best.. u've given a nice start buddy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Beware Keerthi,your blog will be da next thats gonna be added onto Nilu's puke fest ;p

Chakra Sampath said...

ssoooooooober mamu.. kalakkiputte!

Anonymous said...

People post what they think. I don't think you should stop posting because you'll be next on Nilu's puke fest. That guy is an idiot, anyway. No sense of logic at all.

Me too said...

Nice!! Reminds me of 'oru pakka kadhai(s)' in Ananda vikatan/Kumudam.

Anonymous said...

hi keerthi,

Short & nice. Did u go to Kanchi recently?

c ya,

keerthi said...

Thanks guys, i'm very happy that you liked the story. :)

Nallavan said...

dats wonderful finishing.
keep the gud work

thennavan said...

Keerthi, neththikke naan ezhudanumnu ninaichchen. As I said the previous time, you do seem to have a touch of storywriting skill in you, one with dramatic twists and turns. This story's turn at the end was great. I hope you can develop this skill. VaazhththukkaL :-)

Prabu Karthik said...

one of your best so far:)

keerthi said...

Thanks makkale... your encouragement keeps me going..

Adaengappa !! said...

Wow Keerthi,semma flow idhu !!

Guess,its one of the best stories from you..Keep writing !!

-Adeeengappa !!